Unable to Unlock Digits Number on Devices


    I tried to work this through with online chat support and they couldn't help me. They initiated a call with tech support but they dropped my call and I don't have time to go through that all over again.


    I am trying to set up Digits numbers on my phone and tablet (Samsung S8+ and Tab E). In the Digits app when I try to switch the numbers on it kicks the little slide switch back off and sends me to a login page.


    I have already logged out of the multi-line settings on my S8+, logged back in, and activated the number there.  When I go to the Digits settings page for the number I am never given a chance to unlock the number on either device.  However, I am able to activate and use my phone number on my tablet in Digits, just not any of the Digits numbers.


    Any help would be appreciated.

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