Webex - Call Me Issue


    PLATFORM:  iOS 10.3.3 (14G60)



    SUMMARY:  I joined a Webex session for work.  Used the call me feature.  Call was not received through iOS digits app.


    DETAILS:  I have an iPhone 7 on a standard line SIM and a Samsung Galaxy S7 using a Magenta Friday free line SIM; two different phone numbers with the two lines.  On the iPhone I use the digits app and enable the Magenta Friday free line.  On the Galaxy S7 I use the multi-line feature and enable both phone numbers.


    Today I joined a Webex session for work and used the call me feature to dial the Magenta Friday line number with the intention to test the digits app on the iPhone.  The S7 immediately rang, but no call was received on the iPhone via the Digits app. 


    I confirmed my line shows active in the iPhone Digits app.  Troubleshooting, I was able to successfully make a call using the iOS Digits app to a test phone.  I also was able to successfully received a call using the iOS Digits app from the same test phone.  Afterwords, I once gain tried the Webex call me feature and only the Samsung S7 rang, nothing on the iOS Digits app.  I'm not sure what to think of this or what assumptions to make. 


    Is this worth troubleshooting as a Digits issue or should I report this to general T-Mobile support?

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      • tmo_chris

        Re: Webex - Call Me Issue

        This is a weird one for sure! Just to clarify, you are only unable to receive calls on the (Magenta Friday line) in iOS DIGITS app when being called from the WebEX or all calls placed to the Magenta Friday line no matter who is calling you do not ring on the iOS app when you have that line enabled?

          • bordelais

            Re: Webex - Call Me Issue

            Yes, the iOS DIGITS app does not ring when receiving a call from Webex servers. The same line rings on the Galaxy S7 (primary SIM).


            I receive other calls in the iOS digits app to the same number without issue.


            One other thing I noticed later yesterday was the Webex calls show up as missed calls in the DIGITS app call logs.

              • tmo_chris

                Re: Webex - Call Me Issue

                Thanks for clarifying! Since this is more of an issue with a specific number and not with the EAP version of DIGITS, we will need to open up a ticket with our engineers to check the network. Please Contact Us with some recent examples and we can get this sent up for you