Solutions for those who can't bring cameras to work!


    My employer does not allow cameras in the work place (for good reason).  This wasn't an issue until the advent of the smartphone.  I was a late adopter of the smartphone because of the camera issue, and once I had one the poor thing had to be mutilated by permanent removal of the camera.  For the last year I decided no more!  I simply did not bring my phone to work, so I've finally been able to enjoy whole experience of owning a smart phone - camera and all!  Still, this was less than ideal; not being connected or having the accustomed convenience at my fingertips.  I started looking for solutions and T-Mobile provided it with DIGITS!  So far I've been very impressed.  Are there any other solutions out there?  I can't be the only one who works where cameras are not allowed!


    Here's how I'm using DIGITS!:

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