Buying international high speed data plan used to be fast and easy...


    ...but now it is terrible.


    I know I'm only one customer out of several million but I'm generally a happy one with T-Mobile. One of the features of T-Mobile that made me the happiest was the international data pass. For many years I would arrive in a country and immediately get a welcome text that told me I had free 2G data and I could buy high-speed data by clicking the link. I always clicked, pressed confirm, and in about 5 seconds you had $50 and I had high speed data for 1 week or 2 weeks depending on my selection. It was amazing. But on my last two international trips including today that option has disappeared. In April in Japan it took me almost an hour to buy the high speed plan because the internet before I bought was so slow and the process to login and try to find the pass was horrendous. Today I just gave us after 30 minutes and I'm typing this from Wi-Fi. Please please bring back the easy link to by these passes. I guarantee it will get you an extra $50 from me every time and most others too. Thanks, Cabe

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      • tmo_chris

        Hey cnicksic ,


        Thanks so much for the feedback! I will make sure that it is passed up to the appropriate teams. In the mean time, I am not sure if this was the way you were attempting to add the pass but you can do so directly from the T-Mobile app now. Just follow these steps


        1. Access the T-Mobile App from the device by clicking on the T-Mobile icon or opening a browser on the device and typing
        2. Click Plans & Services, tap Add/Change Services, then tap the desired line you want to add a pass to.
        3. Select a pass type:
          • To purchase an International Roaming Pass, click Data Passes and then International Data Roaming Pass
        4. Review the following additional details
          • International Roaming passes are shown on one page.
        5. Select a pass, tap Purchase, and verify that a confirmation message appears.
        6. Tap Done.