EAP Android DIGITS App (Feedback from DebuP)


    tmo_chris tmo_marissa


    1. So far no noticeable change I have seen neither in UI nor in battery performance
    2. Like iOS app, Contact Photos missing in Message tab
    3. Any phone number saved under other than system standard name is shown as Custom.

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      • tmo_chris

        Re: EAP Android DIGITS App (Feedback from DebuP)

        Hey debjitjdv,


        I got a bug report up already for the contact photos issue as well as the custom number thing. These are both cosmetic issues so they may not have the same level of priority as some of the other issues we are seeing. The updates that are being tested are not necessarily complete overhauls but rather some smaller backend changes. As always, I appreciate your dedication in helping us test out these new builds.