No coverage in areas of NYC

    I live in New York and  I just looked at a coverage map and I'm not afraid to say that it is a total lie... there are areas all over New York City where there is no coverage I was just sitting on the beach down in Rockaway Beach yesterday and I had no coverage tge whole day.. I thought maybe it was the phone but my daughter had no coverage either she has an iPhone I have a Samsung... when it comes down to it I guess you get what you pay for and since T-Mobile is cheaper that service sucks

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      • drnewcomb2

        Re: No coverage in areas of NYC

        Here's the LTE coverage map from


        Here's RootMetrics' coverage map:

        These are 3rd-party (not T-Mobile) sources based on actual observations. Blank areas don't mean "no service", only "no data."

        Now, maybe we can figure out what's happening. T-Mobile has been making some changes in the NYC market. Can you tell us exactly which phones you are using? Which model iPhone and Samsung?

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        • tmo_marissa

          Re: No coverage in areas of NYC

          Hey there! Just wanted to check in here and see how things were going. It's a bummer to read you found yourself without service on the beach! drnewcomb2 is right about updates and changes in that market -- do you mind letting us know a few more details about which devices you're using?


          - Marissa

          • tmo_chris

            Re: No coverage in areas of NYC

            Just checking in here to see how things are going. Please let us know if you still need help.

            • tee2

              Re: No coverage in areas of NYC

              I have the same problem, I work in a big office in Woodcliff lake, NJ. I called T mobile before and complained because everyone in my office with T mobile doesn't have service. When i called I was told there is good coverage and the map shows good LTE coverage. This is not true at all, we don't even have 3g or any regular cell service. Very frustrating and has caused a couple of my coworkers to switch to other providers. I like some of the features T-mobile offers, for example international data but if this doesn't get better I will switch

              • jordanislaureano

                Re: No coverage in areas of NYC

                Sadly I have to Agree, The coverage where I work and where I stay at home which is 25miles apart both are horrible, I live in upper manhattan and always struggle with this problem. I did not have this problem with AT&T, c'mon T-Mobile we need your help don't forget about these important areas that need coverage.