2 DIGITS lines affected by NY network upgrade, T-Mo refuses to honor the device upgrade offer.


    T-Mobile recently shut down 3G in NY and 2 of my (digits duplicate) lines (LG-450 and LG-C410) are affected, and calls are dropping often and its hissing and very unclear.

    T-Mobile is offering up to $240 to upgrade or $50 one time credit for affected customers.

    I received a notification on one of the lines about the network upgrade with a link to the support page, the second affected line I only use occasionally and it was powered off for the past few weeks and I did not receive the notification/text (I also didn't receive the texts on the paired lines).

    I called T-Mobile to take advantage of this offer but they are saying that my account is not eligible, even though I got a notification and their support site says that the LG-450 is eligible.

    I feel like this is because I use these devices with digits duplicate sim cards, but I believe I should still be eligible because I paid full price for these deices and now its almost useless.

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