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    I have found a few discussions about adding a photo to a contact, however, none of the solutions works on my phone.  I have a GS8 plus.  All of my contacts had photos on my GS7.  The contacts all transferred over correctly and the photos are all ok.  My contacts have varying amounts of data in each.  Some have phone number and photo only.  Some have phone numbers, photo, address and email.  They are backed up to the Samsung Cloud regularly and they are also in my Google contacts, albeit without the extra data such as email.  I do not want to do anything that would cause me to lose any data that I have on my phone, ever.


    So, I have a new contact and I have that person's picture in my Gallery.  If I go to my Gallery and choose his photo, there is NO OPTION to save to Contacts, only Set as profile picture or Set as wallpaper.  ??


    OK, then I give up on that and go to my contacts and open the one I want to add the photo to.  There is NO option called "More" which every one says there should be.  The choices in my contact menu are Delete, Manage linked contacts, Move to Secure Folder, Block Contact and Move contact from phone.  And if I just select Edit instead, I can only do one of two things for photos.  The first is to actually take a photo.  I can't imagine going and asking this person if I can take his photo for my phone contacts.  That would be way too nervy and I'd never do that.  The other choice is you click the plus sign and a bunch of REALLY LAME graphics come up for me to choose one.  I would NEVER use any of them, ever.  This screen is further frustrating because it has three tabs: Google, Phone and Phone.  WTF?  They all act the same, showing the same stupid cartoons to pick from.   So how the heck do I add the photo I want????


    Ideally, at the beginning of the dumb cartoons there would be a separate box that says something like, "Add from Gallery".  That would be too EASY, right?  Of course that does not exist.  The other possibility is that I could add my photo to the folder the dumb cartoons are in.  But no, I can't even find where the stupid things are coming from.  Seriously?  Who designed the contact editing?  Some random person off the street?


    Can someone please help me?   I am REALLY frustrated and annoyed by this stupid problem.

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      • stevetjr

        Re: Add photo to contact

        FIrst off I would never use phone, device or SIM to store contacts, any issues and you can kiss them good bye.  I suggest Google as you can see mine is set at, that way whenever you add or edit a contact it is also done on the cloud. 


        Below is a screen shot from my GS8, you can see the Google is the place stored (under the word cancel).   if you choose a contact then choose Edit you should see this screen as long as it isn't stored on the phone,device or SIM (SIM especially since it is very field limited).  Under edit when you then click on the image (blank if none chosen) you get this which allows you to add one of the "images/cartoons" or take a picture.  If you look next to the center dot to take the picture you will see on the right and icon with the mountains and sun, if you click that you should be taken to your gallery where you can then choose any image that is stored on your phone.  Now you can also do this from a computer as long as your contacts are all stored on Google like mine.  Recently I decided for all my coworkers that don't have a picture I wanted the company logo to come up as their picture but didn't want to do this on the phone since it is more time consuming so I went into my contacts thru gmail on my PC and loaded the icon to there picture there and they were instantly on the phone.



            Re: Add photo to contact

            Thanks, that was the answer.  Silly me, not knowing that the little mountain icon meant go to Gallery.



            BTW, I guess you didn't see the part about how my contacts are backed up in two places.

              • stevetjr

                Re: Add photo to contact

                I did catch that you back them up but just figured I would mention it since sometimes for some reason it seems that when you add a contact it goes back to the default setting of storing on the phone which can change some of the saving options. :-)

                  • johnaneary

                    Re: Add photo to contact

                    Not to be rude but if I chose to store my contacts on my phone rather than the internet where some hacker will eventually hack Google and get that info is my own choice. I would just like to know how to add a particular picture to a particular contact on my LG K30. Can anyone explain to me how to do that.