The app/site needs a rework and redesign

    For all the good T-Mobile has in plans and devices, support and service, network and perks.....there is one seemingly glaring oversight.


    The T-Mobile app and website.


    Slow page loads, freezes, unresponsive clicks, jittery loads and strange refreshes, inability to go back a page in the app while shopping, mobile platforms have different features in the app, server errors galore when upgrading online or in app, etc......


    Both of these tools are the world's portal to T-Mobile. Technology and communication. It's what T-Mobile sells but.......well, it needs to work.


    Personally all I can really do with the app is pay my bill and check usage. I can message support but then I'm on iOS. On my messaging support.


    Upgrading devices or changing plans in app or online leads to a server error. So does any feature option change. Every time since I started a couple years ago. This leads to in store purchases where I then have to ask for the upgrade fee to be waived since I wasn't able to do so online.


    These are the basic needs I think. Support, sales, plans......these need to be accessible by the customer.


    Nevermind the social media angle. That's not accessible to everyone and even that might take a couple days for a response.


    I try to be self sufficient in these matters.


    Lets make T-Mobile's site great again. Assuming it ever was before I got here.


    Merely pointing out functionality issues. Not saying anything negative about any other aspect.


    (Issues on FF Chrome Edge Safari both desktop and mobile platforms, cache and cookie clearing never helps, all devices have been updated restarted and factory reset, attempts have been tried again later, error apologies have been accepted and dead T. Rex  404 jokes have been laughed at.)

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      • To add:  I have filled out the Foresee (sp?) survey and the feedback option in the app. So my input is there. And also.....oddly enough the MetroPCS site is almost flawless In function if not a bit drab and dated itself. Hmmmmm

        • drnewcomb2

          Re: The app/site needs a rework and redesign

          I've pretty much given up on the T-Mobile website, way too much bling. I think they need two sites: one for adults, the other for children. The adult site would have all the information. The children's site would have all the exciting pictures to keep them entertained. (I wonder if this is what a website needs to be to appeal to millennials?)  Anyway, I have a couple of points on the website (e.g. coverage map) bookmarked and jump right to where I want to go without having to navigate the nonsense.

            • There is a lot going on.  I'm a fan of horizontal or vertical menus with tabs to specific areas with sub-topics under that.  Nothing saying it can't be clean and naturally flowing, or intuitive.  That said, both T-mo and VZW have gone off a deep end with too-busy / too-much-going-on pages that, while I have a 50/5 speed connection, more embedded fun stuff leads to that much more going wrong with the code.


              I'm a huge fan of bookmarks myself.


              My VZW list is 2 times longer than the screen is vertical, which is 3 times longer than my T-Mobile list.  What burned my crack was that I am/was on the Smart Squad, now defunct (lame as it sounds) on VZW and we were tasked with redesign ideas and suggestions for a better, faster, more intuitive support community.  Combining everyone's input, I submitted a 29 point detailed list.  They completely ignored us and did their own thing.  User participation dropped off.  The SS Comm is dead now.  VZW said it was just things they and Jive couldn't do, but oddly, T-Mo and Sprint were doing some of the things they said they couldn't do and all 3 are on Jive.  AT&T of course is the one carrier that is oddly different.


              The issue wasn't that fewer people were posting, it was that they couldn't find where to post, so posts were all over the place and mods were constantly having to move the discussions to other areas, and create new areas for which they had cut out thinking it would un-clutter the comm.  People found out that their questions were never answered and so, they stopped using the site.  The rest of us were getting 100 inbox notifications a day in duplicate about a post in a followed space, and then a notification that it had been responded to and then moved and then on and on.


              For every 1 post on T-Mo, there are 5 on VZW.  Either they have more issues or they have an easier to use forum.  IDK that either is correct.


              IDK that you can access this (probably need either a VZW comm account or be in the Smart Squad ::shudders at the name:: but:


              Basically, they kept this and that and just relocated it, but at least my bookmarks still work.  VZW uses the Jive platform and used to have access to the Jive app, but after the redesign that function stopped.  All these carriers trying to say mobile is the future, yet none of them have figured out how to display a website and almost refuse to work to build a mobile app that works with its own community.  (RIP Lithium)


              There is no doubt that T-Mo is appealing to millennials.  Bright pink, hipster ads, even the guy's automated voice on the 611 line.And especially the cute remarks the reps have on social media and to a lesser degree, the app.


              Seems there are 3 camps in the support community world. 

              1.....Customers who just want answers.

              2.....Regular users who just want things to stay the same, since they use them everyday and after a revamp, points disappear, gamification changes, links stop working, navigation needs navigation, etc....

              3.....The company that decides what's best for us.


              The point is, make mobile work, cut out the snazzy, help your business by helping customers get to where they want to go.  Dumb it down with options and link trees. Stop saying you can't do this or that to make something work like it should.  And by "should," I mean, that's the general consensus.


              Then again, I could be taking all of this stuff too seriously.