iPhone and Digits Not Playing Nice :(


    Have an iPhone and an S8 where I have the Digits app installed on both (since the S8 I have is Unlocked and does not come with the multi-line messaging feature).


    I have Digits enabled on my line (which is in the iPhone) and the reason I have it installed on the iPhone is so that I can easily reference the messages that I send via the Digits app on my S8 (since it doesn't link with iPhone's Messages app).


    The problem is that when someone calls my T-Mobile number, if it is a known number (say a friend's work phone that is labeled work), Digits seems to change that 'Calling Me'. When I look at the contact after the call, the label would have been switched from 'work' to 'Calling Me'.


    When I sign out and delete the Digits app from my iPhone, the problem goes away. Why does Digits do this on the iPhone? It should not be changing the label of those numbers. Or am I doing something wrong?

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      • No app is able to work on an iPhone to tell you who is calling unless they are in your apps contact list already.  Apps cannot access your contacts on your phone only the contacts within that app. Its the same thing as the issue with caller ID apps on iPhone.

        • tmo_chris

          Re: iPhone and Digits Not Playing Nice :(

          Let me make sure I understand this correctly. When you receive a call through DIGITS on your primary device (the iPhone) the caller ID displays "Calling Me" instead of the name of the contact that is actually calling you? Also, this only happens when you have the "Use Minutes and Data" option enable and it does not happen when you have the "Data only" option enabled?

            • magenta2242617

              Re: iPhone and Digits Not Playing Nice :(

              Hi @tmo_chris


              When I get a call, it would say 'Calling Me' below the name. The called name is not changed but rather the line below the incoming caller name is what is impacted. If you have the caller saved in your contacts, I think it shows the number type that it was saved as (e.g. work, mobile, phone, etc.) and if the caller number is not saved, you will see the city and state of the caller.


              This second line is what shows 'Calling Me' and I guess this is what T-Mobile is sending with the call? I can't say for certain but that is my theory based on earlier experiences that I have shared abov.


              When this happens, label (e.g. work, mobile, phone, etc.) gets changed to 'Calling Me' which becomes frustrating when it is contact with multiple phone numbers.


              Initially, this happened when I have the 'Use Minutes and Data' option and I switched to 'Use Data Only' on 7/23 and it was working great. I uninstalled DIGITS app on my iOS (which was the primary line used for DIGITS) and switched to 'Data Only' option on my Android device (for the primary line).


              However, I noticed today that a call made on 7/26 would change to 'Calling Me'. All other incoming calls between 7/23 and 7/26 did not have this issue. What's even more interesting is that I received a call from this number earlier in the afternoon on 7/26 that I missed showed the correct label (mobile) but the one I received/answered later in the evening on 7/26 showed 'Calling Me'. All other calls I received between 7/23 to 7/26 did not have this label change issue.


              Hopefully this clarifies but let me know if you have any further questions about this.

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                • magenta2242617

                  Just noticed something else which might help with troubleshooting.


                  On the Android device where the DIGITS app is installed, I see that DIGITS is an option for the list of contacts I can choose from. When I looked at this group, I noticed only 2 contacts that were listed in it and they were contacts that I had contacted or received a miss call from on 7/26. Surprisingly contacts that I had messaged or received calls prior (and up to 7/23) are not listed.


                  I have disabled DIGITS on the primary line I don't think I will be seeing any more of the 'Calling Me' when I receive those calls on my iPhone but wondering if this is indeed one of the reasons that were causing this issue.


                  Feel free to reach out directly if that is easier to troubleshoot on this issue.

              • tmo_chris

                Re: iPhone and Digits Not Playing Nice :(

                This one really has me scratching my head! I am going to see if I can get some additional eyes on this to help shed some light. I will follow up with you here as soon as I hear anything back.

                  • magenta2242617

                    Re: iPhone and Digits Not Playing Nice :(

                    Appreciate it and thank you!

                      • tmo_chris

                        Re: iPhone and Digits Not Playing Nice :(

                        Okay, so the first thing we are gonna wanna do is ensure that you are ruining the latest version of the DIGITS app on both phones. For the iPhone, it is gonna be best if you use ‘Data Only’ mode. The reason I say this is because there really isn’t any advantage to running the app in ‘Use Minutes’ mode since you are only using the iPhone’s Native number in the app to get messages.  Incoming calls to the iPhone will still use the native dialer since it’s the SIM in the device. You can still select the Use minutes and data option on the S8 as that one seems to be working okay. We are going to do some more testing on our side to see if we can recreate your setup and issue in the meantime.



                        To further clarify the "Use data only" vs the "Use Minutes and Data" options and how it impacts the caller ID

                        In general this is the DIGITS app behavior:

                        • If its in ‘Use Minutes’ mode then all calls coming in use the native device’s dialer. To make sure you know which of your lines is being called, the app edits the contact right before the call comes in and changes the line designation (mobile, work, home,etc…) to your line name which is being called.  So the end result you should be seeing is the incoming call number or contact name on the first line and the “Calling [line name]” on the second line.  This way you can see who is calling and to which of your numbers. Once the call is finished the app reverts the contact back to what it was before.
                          • We have seen some inconsistencies in this app behavior for iOS, since this is a real time modification as the call is coming in we have seen some instances where the contact modification isn’t before the call hits the phone, in this case the incoming call will look like it is coming into the SIM line regardless of which line is being called.  It will just display the incoming number/contact and the line designation/city state.
                          • This is something that we have seen before and we have folks working on these inconsistencies.
                        • If its in ‘Data Only’ mode then calls to other numbers go straight to the app and the incoming call screen is controlled by the app.
                          • In this case we don’t do any contact modifications.
                          • This should always work as expected.
                    • phi

                      Re: iPhone and Digits Not Playing Nice :(

                      @tmo_chris I'm having the same issue but my iPhone 7 is my primary device and my unlocked/unbranded S8 is running the digits app.  The Digits Apps is constantly changing all my iPhone contacts (synced to Google) to have labels of "Calling [Phone Label]" rather than keeping them "Mobile, Work, etc..."  Will switching my S8 to be Data Only solve the issue?