Coverage terrible in Belle Plaine, MN


    Using a Samsung Galaxy S5, I'm unable to get virtually any signal (even basic coverage, definitely not 4G) even outside. This town of just under 10,000 has been a coverage black hole for T-Mobile for well over a decade but it would be great if 4G would be expanded into this community. Coverage in surrounding areas is sufficient but this lack of coverage makes handling job duties with my phone borderline impossible.

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      • tmo_marissa

        Hey, magenta2240968! Thanks for taking the time to join the Community and post about your coverage -- we don't want any customer in the dark. I took a look at Belle Plaine on our coverage map and it's a bummer to read that you're not getting outdoor coverage. After looking at our internal maps to see exactly what spectrum we have throughout the area, it's worth mentioning that the S5 can pick up band 2 and 4, but it isn't compatible with the added LTE 700MHz/band 12, so it's not taking advantage of the improvements we've made (and the strongest signal we have to offer in much of Belle Plaine). That said, there are some areas where even the extended range LTE is light. Where in town are you located? Coverage near Johnson Memorial and Ash St/OBrien looks good even for band 2, but on the other side of town closer to the river, not so much. :/ I don't show any current outages on the map version I'm looking at, but sometimes things like that won't populate without account details. Have you reached out to our Tech team over the phone at any point? Depending on where you're located, we might actually want to get a Service Inquiry filed for you to make sure that there's not a coverage gap that's not reporting appropriately here. Sometimes there are null coverage areas where an antennae simply doesn't point in a certain direction, and that can be useful to know -- or it could be an actual issue with one of the towers that needs some attention!


        - Marissa

        • magenta2240968

          I normally experience no signal in the downtown area of Belle Plaine (along N. Meridian St. from Main St. north towards the river and also experience zero signal in numerous areas along U.S. Highway 169 – especially from Chestnut St. to Ash St. There are numerous other dead zones in this community which would take far too long to list.

          • drnewcomb2

            Re: Coverage terrible in Belle Plaine, MN

            Like Marissa said, you are suffering from lack of band-12 on your S5. The problem is that within about 6 months T-Mobile will introduce new phones the will be compatible with T-Mobile's new 600 MHz (band-71) licenses. Do you really want to spring for a new phone now, that will be obsolescent in 6 months? If you do, I suggest you get a low-cost model, like the Avant or Moto E4.

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