Is there a prepaid international data plan?


    I'm currently on the $30 UL prepaid plan and dont plan on giving up the plan. I'm traveling to Canada next week for 4 days and wondering what are my options to have data there. Is there a data plan I can purchase seperately? also i have a bunch of spare sim cards laying around i got for .99 cents

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      • cesaribenitez95

        Yes there is


        • tmo_chris

          Re: Is there a prepaid international data plan?

          Sorry cesaribenitez95,


          On demand international data passes for this specific plan are not available


          zeroxray - If you wanted to use data in Canada and remain on a pay in advance plan, you would need to switch to one of our Simply prepaid plans and add the $5/month Mexico and Canada Unlimited feature. The Simple Prepaid plan start at $45/month and have unlimited talk/text (prices vary depending on how much high-speed data you want). We have a promo going on right now for the $50 plan and it comes with 10 GB of high-speed data. The $45 versions comes with 4 GB high-speed data. It is worth mentioning that if you are on the $30 UL Data & Text pay in advance plan, this plan has been grandfathered and would no longer be available if you changed the plan.

          • k3npo

            Re: Is there a prepaid international data plan?

            I’m on the 3GB Simple Choice MI plan for my iPad Pro. I wanted to add an international data pass while I’m in Japan for the next two weeks to get the increased LTE speeds, but it’s not an option. The only data pass options I see are for domestic data and I already have tons of spare GB of domestic data in my data stash since I rarely use the iPad on LTE back home in the states. The website tells me to get LTE speeds to add an international data pass, so why is there no option to do in my account when the website link I got when coming to Japan says there should be?