4 Months Later, Still no Switcher17 Rebate


    I switched 2 lines from Verizon to T-Mobile and was told I would be eligible for the Switcher17 promo, which is a $150 gift card for each line transferred. That's $300 total. I never received my gift cards, and under the promo status it says denied (no reason). I have called multiple times and have yet to get my issue resolved. I was told in May that the denial was a mistake and both gift cards would be immediately mailed out. They never came. I just called, and the rep agreed to give me an account credit for one of the gifts cards. We will see if that actually happens. But even if it does, that is still unacceptable to me. I was promised both cards, told I was eligible for both cards, and I expect both cards. My next step is to report T-Mobile to the Better Business Bureau. I have called more than half a dozen times, been told it would be taken care of, and it never is. This is not how you keep customers.

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