T-Force:  App vs FB/Twit

    A few days ago I tried contacting T-Mobile via FB Mess.  Never received a delivered status or response. "This is new" I thought.  So I send a couple follow up responses every few hours for a couple days. Nothing.


    I hit up the T-Mobile App.


    They tell me....


    Our apologies for the inconvenience. I'm afraid that our FB page is only for updates and announcements and the best way to contact us via chat/message is thru us or by using the app.




    FB nowadays is used as a advertisement platform. We have live messaging chat in the T-Mobile app that is manned with representatives 24/7. Facebook is being bombarded with messages everyday even for non T-Mobile subscribers. The chat in the T-Mo app is a one to one correspondence with subscribers to address their every need.


    So......what's really going on here?

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      • tmo_amanda

        Re: T-Force:  App vs FB/Twit

        Top of the mornin' to ya, snn_555! Hmmm...it sounds like our chat team may not be on the same page. As former part of T-Force, I can confirm that this is not correct. Our T-Force team still remains open 24/7 standing by to assist customers and non-customers with their questions. I'm not exactly sure why you didn't receive a response as that is extremely odd. Did you only contact them via FB messenger or did you also post a question to their wall?

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          I don't actively use FB. I have a connected messenger account but my FB account has been deactivated for months. Never had an issue messaging T-Mobile before. I never post to walls. Ive never had to. Messenger works with other contacts.

            • tmo_amanda

              Re: T-Force:  App vs FB/Twit

              Interesting! If FB messaging isn't working for T-Force we would be made aware of it. I'm going to contact them and see if we can get this figured out. I may be sending you a PM to get your FB information for them to search their history.

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              The messaging issue is intermittent. T-Mobile stated they aren't sure why there is a problem, but there is a problem. They aren't sure how to fix it yet.

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