Does DIGITS fully support VVM? Unable to initiate the T-Mobile VVM app on DIGITS paired phone.


    I'm not able to initiate the T-Mobile VVM app on the paired phone (Samsung Galaxy J7) of my Data with paired DIGITS account.  Primary phone is a Samsung Galaxy S8+.  The app gives this message:

    "Sorry, but you're not authorized to sign up for this service.  Contact the primary account holder to complete the transaction stU-rc2-8001."


    I am the primary account holder and VVM is listed as included for T-Mobile One Plan.  Is this VVM supported on the DIGITS paired/secondary phone?


    It looks like the old closed Beta forum had a similar question, but no answers were posted.  Any help is appreciated.

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      • debjitjdv



        Ideally your DATA with Paired DIGITS  aka DUPLICTAE SIM Card should be a true duplicate of your primary line.


        1. Can you open the VVM app in S8+?
        2. Have you tried to use the SIM card in reversed way i.e. primary sim card in J7 and DUPLICATE sim card in S8+? How does that work?

        Can you please post what you see in the above cases?  Don't worry. Please keep patience. We have our best supports here and your problem will be taken care off.

          • simataas

            Thanks for the quick reply, debjitjdv!  I'm not sure if my SIM cards are duplicates.  I suspect they are not, but how can I tell?


            I came home with two new phones and two new SIM cards (purchased at Costco).  I set up my primary phone in-store, and then went home to add the Data with paired DIGITS plan to my account and set up the paired phone.  I called the Customer Service line and they helped me get things started.  There did seem to be some confusion, initially.  At first the Service Rep said I wouldn't need a SIM card in the 2nd phone at all, and then after a few times being placed on hold she returned to say I did need the second SIM card.  I got the impression (likely because two different reps have said as much) that DIGITS is still new and the reps are still figuring it all out.


            Anyway, I installed the second SIM card into my secondary phone as directed and they assigned it a "temporary" phone number (different from that of my primary line).  I specifically asked why a different number was showing online for the paired phone and the Service Rep replied that the number was just temporary and would disappear in a day or two.  That was 7 days ago and the temporary number still shows up on my account.


            Everything else works as far as I know.  I do have to use the T-Mobile DIGITS app for texting on the Galaxy J7 in order to see all outgoing texts (i.e. texts sent from either phone), and I do not need to use the app on the Galaxy S8+. I have not tried swapping SIM cards, but my primary phone can use VVM app just fine.


            I can try swapping SIM cards later when I have access to my primary phone.  I take it that is the way to determine if I have duplicate SIM cards?

              • debjitjdv



                Thanks for your in depth reply what exactly happened and I see the issue. Your answer has all the clues and the problem to your answer. Yes most of the reps are not fit enough to answer DIGITS related questions via 611 or the 8997 activation line and the condition is not improving either in the way it is expected. But here at the community we have the best DIGITS experts to deal with your problems. I am not a T-Mo admin or T-MO employee but I am with DIGITS since day 1. So here are my diagnosis of your problem and the solution:


                1. Your primary SIM Card should work fine as it is the primary line. YOU DO NOT need to use the DIGITS app in your S8+ or in J7. DIGITS app is meant for DIGITS Talk and Text but not for DATA with PAIRED DIGITS. For DATA with PAIRED DIGITS, you do need a SIM card and the SIM card will have an associated number (distinct from your primary number) with it. But to make the DUPLICATE SIM card work, you need to go to  and pair it with your primary line. Once you login, you will see that your DUPLICATE SIM card number has a Magenta Exclamation mark as it is not paired with your primary number. If you click on the DUPLICATE SIM Card you should be able to see a drop down menu from where you can choose your primary number
                2. Now since you got two new sim cards from Costco, your DUPLICATE line is not set properly. The best way is to go to a T-MO store or call the DIGITS tech support at 1-844-889-5651. As of now what I understand that your two new SIM cards are setup as two standalone line. Thats why you need to use DIGITS app in your J7 to access your texts and calls. Even if the duplicate SIM card is paired to your primary phone, it will still have its own number. The functionality of the primary line is duplicated and make you believe that even if you call / text from DUPLCIATE, its cas if coming from primary number. The primary number is NOT duplicated in true sense.
                3. Even if you swap the SIM cards, my understanding is that it wont resolve the issue.


                So to solve it, call The DIGITS helpline number as I mentioned in my post, and then ask the rep (BTW These reps are DIGITS experts as they are with us since the DAYS of BETA). Tell them that you want DATA with PAIRED DIGITS for your primary line. They will setup everything at the back end and will send you a SIM card (which will have its own number and you need to pair it with your primary line at the link I mentioned which is ). At that point it should start working properly.


                As of now, your DIGITS setup for DATA with Paired DIGITS is faulty. Once everything is done, just cancel the second sim card line.


                Again I repeat YOU DO NOT NEED TO USE THE DIGITS APP  for your DATA with PAIRED DIGITS.  But there is one caveat, if you send text messages from J7 or make calls from J7 that will get synced to S8+'s native Call and Message app since S8+ has DIGITS in built but if you make texts and calls from S8+, it wont sync to J7's native Call and Message app. All of  your incoming calls / texts will come to both of your devices once setup properly.


                Let me know if you have any doubts. I am tagging our finest patrons tmo_chris and tmo_marissa to attest my answer.

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                  • simataas

                    Hey thanks debjitjdv! And wow, that was a lot of info.  I am currently only using (and only need) the DIGITS app on the J7 for syncing texts, just as you mentioned.  I receive all of my incoming calls & texts just fine on both phones.  Yes the S8+ primary phone stays synced via native apps and the J7 relies on the DIGITS app to be synced (I only care about texts - the call log doesn't matter to me).  Also, I went to the link you gave me and there was no magenta exclimation mark indicating an unpaired SIM.  When I click to expand my secondary phone line on the DIGITS site it shows this message:


                    "Your Data with DIGITS SIM card is paired to the DIGITS below. It uses these DIGITS for all outgoing calls and messages. All incoming calls and texts to these DIGITS also come to this SIM card. You can change which DIGITS it is paired to by removing the pairing and selecting other DIGITS on this account."


                    It then lists my primary number.


                    So, based on your detailed description and the resources you provided, it seems my phones may be properly paired afterall.  That's good to know.  I assume VVM should also work on my paired J7, so are there any additional thoughts on what else may be preventing me from initiating the T-Mobile VVM app on my paired phone?

                      • debjitjdv



                        Hmmm interesting. So your DUPLICATE sim card is paired with your primary. That's good to know. Ok. So can you do the SIM swap as I mentioned before? I.e. Primary SIM card on J7 and Duplicate SIM card in S8+? I want to see how J7 VVM app behaves with Primary SIM card. If its a SIM card issue (i.e. DIGITS duplicate issue) J7 VVM app should work when it has primary sim card. Also try the VVM app in your S8+ when you have DUPLICATE SIM card in it. Please let us know how that works. Also please make sure your J7 has latest firmware and the VVM app is updated to the latest version from Play Store.


                        Basically, I am trying to gather as much as info possible so that in case we need to file a trouble ticket with tmo_chris, he gets all the info beforehand which will accelerate the debugging process.

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                          • simataas



                            Well, when I changed out the SIM cards, I was then unable to initiate the T-Mobile VVM App on my Galaxy S8+ and was able to on my Galaxy J7.  So, that wasn't the answer, but it got me to the answer.  It was so simple, really, but I couldn't see it!


                            After swapping SIM cards here's what I got on the S8+ (the exact same message I had been getting on the J7):



                            And here's what I got on the J7 (after pressing "Yes" it initialized and worked):


                            Anyway, upon switching the SIM cards back to their original phones I realized what was going on.  The paired phone on a Data with Paired DIGITS plan does have access to visual voice mail.  However, it cannot use the T-Mobile Visual Voice Mail App like the primary phone does (I assume this is because technically the paired phone has a different number).  Instead, on the paired phone VVM is accessed via the T-Mobile DIGITS App! Here are some screenshots:


                            VVM_S8+_(1) (Mobile).png    VVM_J7_(1) (Mobile).png

                                           VVM App on S8+                         vs.               DIGITS App on J7


                            VVM_S8+_(2) (Mobile).png     VVM_J7_(2) (Mobile).png

                                           VVM App on S8+                         vs.               DIGITS App on J7


                            So there you have it!  I just didn't realize that VVM was accessed via the DIGITS App on the paired phone instead of the pre-installed VVM App.  Thanks for taking the time to help me reason this through!

                  • debjitjdv



                    I tried to do a small experiment to mimic the issue you faced. I had Nexus 6 with stock Android 7.1.1. Luckily, Nexus do not need the VVM app as it has in built visual voicemail. Fortunately I observed that I can see my voicemails in the in built visual voicemail inside the Call app. I was using a duplicate SIM card paired to my main voice line. I shall try the VVM app. But can you try once more  using the VVM app in J7? Also can you see if you can hear your voicemails by dialing 123?