Changing DTMF tones


    In order to get into my community, people stop at the gate and it calls my phone. I have to enter a code to let them in but since I got the galaxy S8, the tone isn't long enough to be recognized and I can't let anyone in. Does anyone know how to change the tone from short to long?

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      • drnewcomb2

        Re: Changing DTMF tones

        I didn't find the answer here but Google found an answer on Verizon's site. Does this work for you?

        DTMF - Samsung Galaxy S8 / S8+ | Verizon Wireless

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        • ssween828

          Re: Changing DTMF tones

          I'm having the same issue with my Pixel.  This did work properly when I was on Verizon, so it's not the phone itself.

            • tmo_mike_c

              Re: Changing DTMF tones

              Hey ssween828 , have you tried calling other automated systems to see if the DTMF tones work? This one is kinda tough to get fixed as most folks are able to use this feature with other systems. Normally, we ask folks to see if there's a way they can have their number removed and set up again through the gate's system. Please keep us posted on this. Thank you.

                • magenta3210297

                  Re: Changing DTMF tones

                  I have noticed that T-Mobile seems to handle DTMF tones different from other carriers. With T-Mobile, when you call a phone on the T-Mobile network, when you have connected and then press a key say 3, the tone does not go through until you release the key pressed. This creates two funnies, 1 the key is not recognized until released by the DTMF hardware and 2 the tone duration is now fixed to the T-Mobile protocol, what ever that is. The length of the tones look to be about 200 millisecond long after a key release. If you call a phone say on the ATT network, when you have connected and then press a key say 3, the tone immediately goes through and remains as long as you are pressing the key. Thus the tone duration will vary but more than likely will be longer than that of the T-Mobile fixed setting. So if you are trying to use DTMF as a control such as a gate, if the tone is not long enough to be detected by the hardware then your out of luck with T-Mobile unless there is some user setting somewhere that allows this fixed length to be changed or the detection of key on press rather than on release.


                  So I Know this is one of those things that is hard to believe, but I have this Nokia 6230 phone that was being used for a similar DTMF control. It originally was on the ATT network and all worked fine. When I popped out the ATT sim and put in the T-Mobile sim the system stopped working. After much trouble shooting I found a simple test that revealed the problem. When I called my Nokia phone with the ATT sim installed, I could press a key on the phone making the call and could hear the tone immediately on my Nokia phone lasting as long as I held the key. If I then put the T-Mobile sim in the Nokia phone and then called the phone, as described above,  the tones would only appear after releasing the key and then only for a fraction of a second. Only a T-Mobile engineer would be able to tell us why its working this way.

              • sabothell

                Re: Changing DTMF tones

                So, just became a problem for me.  My company sends me leads for real estate via an automated system.  It just now stopped working.  I was instructed by my support team to change the DTMF tones to "long".  It appears this isn't possible on T-Mobile. This has been a problem for over a year.  Is there no way to fix this?