I am using a Nexus 6 64 GB Android 7.0 and the Android Messages app for texting.  Lately, I have been dropping (not receiving) some text messages from various contacts.  Other users have said they sent me texts but they do not show up on my phone.  Two of these users are T-Mobile user using Android phones.  I did some searching here, and I found several other users with similar problems.  There was some suggestions of changing to APPN IPV4 settings, using a different texting app, and so on. 


    Is there some general consensus on how to make the received message texting more reliable? 


    Thanks in advance!


    Jim C

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      • tmo_marissa

        Hey, magenta2169336, welcome! Missing messages is always a bummer -- especially when most of us rely primarily on messaging to communicate these days. When this happens, are you connected to Wi-Fi or the network -- and if the latter, how many bars do you have? Is this a T-Mobile Nexus 6, or one purchased from Google directly (asking for the purpose of understanding whether your existing APNs came preset or were manually entered)?


        - Marissa

        • tmo_mike_c

          I agree magenta2169336 . You're messages coming through is super important and we really wanna help. Can you come back and let us know if you still need some assistance? Thanks!

          • magenta2169336

            Marissa and MC

            Thanks for your response.  Yes, I am still interested in any solutions to this problem.


            I purchased my Nexus 6 from T-Mobile.  I generally have 2 to 3 bars of service.  I have WiFi at home, but WiFi calling is not enabled on my phone.  I have mostly been home the last 2.5 months.  I never entered APN data manually.  When I first turned on the new phone, it said it was downloading some customization that I thought came from T-Mobile, but I could be wrong.  There was some APN data problem that messed up texting maybe 1.5 years ago due to some errant update by Google, but that was fixed within a week or so.


            I would be glad to check my APN data if you could point me to the correct data. 


            Thanks, Jim.