Call rates for the call originated within US from the DIGITS app of a voice line whose primary SIM card is traveling in SIMPLE CHOICE Country


    tmo_evan tmo_chris tmo_marissa This is another complex scenario that needs some clarification from you folks.


    I have a Voice Line SIM Card ending in 2120 which also has the State Side Calling Feature. One of my friend (who originally has ATT) is taking my 2120 SIM card while she is visiting Germany which is a SIMPLE Choice country. Since this Voice line has the SSI feature I make international call to India from this line to India. Now while she is roaming in Germany, if I initiate calls from US using the DIGITS app / Native Multi-line settings from 2120 number how the call rates will get affected? Will the system be able to detect that the call is being originated from the DIGITS app /  Native Multi line settings / DUPLICATE SIM from within continental US or will the system think that the call is being originated from the Germany?


    My understanding is that the system should be able to identify the origin of the call as if the call is originated from the primary SIM card, it should have the ICCID of the SIM card associated which would be traveling in Germany but when originated from DIGITS app / Native multi line settings it should be able to see that the call is originated from within US.


    Please confirm this as I need to know how the call rate gets affected in this scenario.

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