Can't receive/make calls since last week


    Hey everyone. I was wondering if anyone can help me out.


    About a week ago my Xperia Z5 (intl version) which has been working fine with T-Mobile USA for the last year and a half, stopped being able to receive calls/make calls.


    Text and Data works fine still. I figured it might be a SIM issue and went to T-mobile, they told me they rolled out some network updates about a week ago (sounds about the same time my issue started). All I read about is their roll out of 600mhz 5G band, but they told me it affects some phones call making abilities. I'm able to make calls when I switch to GSM band preference, but I cant leave it in that mode 24/7. Seems like the issue is coming from my phone trying to connect Voice through LTE, instead of GSM bands, and something T-Mobile did is no longer allowing that band to transmit voice calls to me.


    Other than manually changing my band preference to GSM, so I can make a phone call, is there any other solution to this? Does anyone know the specifics of what T-Mobile did to their network?

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      • cesaribenitez95

        Check to see if you have the option to turn off VoLTE, and just leave LTE on




        • tmo_chris

          Re: Can't receive/make calls since last week

          So we did roll out some upgrades recently but these would not have impacted your ability to call. The upgrades we did were strictly data related. Where specifically are you located? Are there any areas that you are able to make and receive calls? What error do you see/hear when trying to make a call.

            • arthurkapl

              Re: Can't receive/make calls since last week



              I went to a T-Mobile store, and that's what a rep told me, that the updates rolled out last week affect some phones and their suggestion is to get a new phone. I am in Brooklyn, NY. I was only able to make 1 phone call since this happened. It was after i removed my SIM, restarted phone with no SIM, put it back in and reboot. I was able to get 1 call through before the problem reverted back.


              When calling someone, no rings are heard and the phone hangs up automatically. When receiving calls, I can sometimes see my network drop from full 4G bars to no service at all, while no ringing is heard. It usually goes to voicemail after 1 ring, when I tried calling my number.

            • kiers77

              Re: Can't receive/make calls since last week

              WHY should T Mobile's NEW BANDS affect BASIC TELEPHONY which has relied on 2G BANDS since 1990? eh?


              My Sony Xperia is GIVING ME HELL WITH BASIC TELEPHONY coincidentally since the last android 7.1.1. update (perhaps T mobile timed the two together for PR "cover"?) a week ago?  In any case, incoming callers have to call me 2x or 3x for my phone to ring and go through, otherwise it goes STRAIGHT TO VOICEMAIL! Outgoing calls require that i dial the number 2x; first time outgoing just gets lost for 20-30 SECONDS then the dialer stops the call with a beep. And the phone gets hot near my ear! Then second outgoing call has to be made right away for it to make it on out and RING the other phone!   I have reset my phone, cleared memory, changed the sim card even, STILL THE PROBLEM PERSISTS. It's NOT A SOFTWARE ISSUE!


              I hope T-mobile is not messing around with radiation and heat issues which can affect our health besides breaking telephony.

              Please help us. I've been a customer of T Mo for YEARS.

                • cesaribenitez95

                  "WHY should T Mobile's NEW BANDS affect BASIC TELEPHONY which has relied on 2G BANDS since 1990? eh?"


                  To the small trivial fact that wireless carriers decommission outdated technologies. Take Sprint/Verizon, they did away with the wimax even thought it was their golden child. It got to the point that they were doing away with CDMA-EVDO and CDMA 2000. Now on T-Mobile core network is GSM- GRPS, but most devices look for/ and connects to VoLTE. So Tmobile doesn't have to use resources to maintain GSM network to the capacities of yester-years.


                  Now, as for your phone... devices aren't future proof, nor will they last forever. Manufacturer come out with with bigger and better hardware, Developers make software that most of the time push the hardware's limits. Also don't forget that wear and tear. Now you may try to keep your device in mint/like new. But if you were to get the T Mobile G1 mint in a box and compare it to Samsung S7 after 1 year of normal use. You know for a fact the the S7 will out do the G1.


                  I know it hard to shallow, but you may have to just get a new phone.

                  • drnewcomb2

                    Re: Can't receive/make calls since last week

                    In an ideal world, carriers would be able to maintain compatibility with legacy technology indefinitely. In the world as it is, spectrum is limited and must be allocated in a way that keeps the most customers as happy as possible.  T-Mobile is trying to maintain some 2G and 3G compatibility. Back in January, AT&T just tossed all their 2G-only customers under the bus. Verizon has plans to dump 3G (EV-DO) service. All of Canada dumped all 2G and CDMA service and went entirely UMTS & LTE. Singapore dumped all 2G service.


                    My only criticism of T-Mobile in this situation is that they should have done a better job of giving the affected customers advance notice. Maybe they'll take a lesson from all the brouhaha and do a better job on future upgrades.