ZTE Zmax Pro Z981:  Lack of updates and Loss of network

    I have an issue where when leaving a no signal area, the phone does not find signal at all when I return to a strong signal area. I have to manually toggle airplane mode. Thing is I might be 30 min or 30 miles into a signal area before it think to refresh.

    Looking around there is still no answer or fix. Seems that this is a prevalent problem. Kinda figured this was an important part of the phone.

    Wonder why it wasn't caught during testing and why the carriers haven't requested ZTE to fix the issue. Could be hardware and impossible to fix or software, which would be a lot easier. Who knows.


    Nonetheless, I can tell that ZTE isn't working on the phone and T-Mobile is not requesting them to do so given all the issues and then this lack-luster update history.



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