International LTE with Simple Choice plan


    I have the "Simple Choice North America 6GB Family Match" plan, and am currently in Singapore. I have read that T-Mobile only offers free 2G roaming internationally in Singapore. However, in Singapore, my phone connects to a local provider (Starhub), and indicates that I have LTE. Is this LTE coverage free?

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      • drnewcomb2

        It's not really 2G roaming. It's "2G-like" data speeds. The speed is regulated at T-Mobile's end when the data gets passed back to their switching system in the US. If it were un-governored, they couldn't offer it for free.  Singapore is one of the countries that had completely discontinued 2G service. At last count they have UMTS and LTE and that's all. You can't roam there if you have a 2G-only device. Be glad that you brought a compatible LTE device.

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