Simple Choice throttling


    I really enjoyed the 4G LTE bandwidth of the Simple Choice, Mobile Internet plan from around April, 2014 to Nov, 8, 2016. Then for no apparent reason, i no longer received 4G LTE,  and my web access speeds hav been horrible ever since. So slow that i downgraded from $35/mo for 6GB fast data to $20/mo for 2GB fast data.  I used to use almost all of my 6GB monthly allotment of LTE, but now my bandwidth is so slow that i cant even access the 2GB monthly allotment of (supposedly) "fast data" which cycles between H, 3G, E, and no service.  I often hav to cycle airplane mode to get web access.  I havent moved--ive been living in the same spot since April, 2014, using the same mobile Internet device in the same place in my house (Android v4.4.4 since July, 2016) .  I received a T-mobile 4G LTE Signal Booster which indicates that LTE should be available, but the bandwidth on my mobile internet device is still horribly slow.


    Im also very concerned about the reduced security when forced to use older, slower wireless transmission protocols.


    Im wondering if other T-mobile customers hav similar issues.  Im on a Simple Choice, Mobile Internet, No Credit Check plan.  I noticed that the Simple Choice plans are no longer offered, and newer plans cost more.  It seems as tho T-mobile is intentionally throttling my bandwidth to encourage me to get lost or to switch to their more expensive plans.


    Calls to T-mobile hav been fruitless.  Im told that there are no broken cell phone towers, but that there are "capacity issues" (ie, the network is overloaded with new customers in my area, blah blah, tweet tweet).  I dont believe it. I get horrible service wherever i go, whatever time of day or night.  Do i hav to sue T-mobile to get my LTE back?  I would also like credit for the amount i hav paid T-mobile for the last 8 months of horrible service.

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