Refund impossible to have from T-Mobile


    Hello everyone,


    I called T-Mobile to order an international service one week ago but the representative didn't understand me well and he created a new postpaid line. I paid $79.24 upfront (That wasn't what I wanted, so I have tried to cancel the order.

    I have never had a confirmation email for the order, so I didn't have any order number or whatever.


    So to cancel it was a big mess, I spent few hours of my life to explain why I have ordered this and why I have nothing to help T-Mobile representatives to find it.


    Finally, I went super crazy and a supervisor called me back. She successfully cancelled the order and gave me a refund number.

    However, I still don't have any refund and when I call the customer care service, they switch me from people to people like I was a little puppy running after a soccer ball. No one wants to understand.


    I need support on this or I'll just fill a claim with my bank, which will obviously put a mess in this story but I really don't care since T-Mobile isn't able at all to take care of my needs.

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