Using DIGITS, can I make international calls from my LTE iPad if my linked iPhone is at home?


    So here's what I have:


    Primary phone line: iPhone 7 with Simple Choice Family Plan (unlimited for my line)

    Tablet: iPad Mini 4 with 6 GB Plan

    Home Location: Chicago


    I have the DIGITS app on my iPad and have it linked to my iPhone and can make calls and text using the DIGITS app.  Pretty cool in case I don't have my iPhone on me.  Basically can leave the iPhone at home and take the iPad with and make/receive calls and texts using my iPhone's phone number.  Pretty slick.


    What I am wondering, is if I am out of the country (say, in Canada) can I basically leave my iPhone off and just use my iPad to get phone calls?  I know while roaming I get free data and text messages, but phone calls are $0.20/minute.  Not the worst expense in the world of course, but I was just wondering if I kept my iPhone OFF, could I make phone calls over the iPad (using the DIGITS app) and not get charged?  Worst-case, I'll just make calls over Facetime or Hangouts.  Thanks!

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