Tmobile changed the network without notify customer in NYC


    I am at New York City and have three non tmobile Samsung phones.  They all can connect to tmobile network at H+ speed before Tuesday (7/11/17).  Now they all can connect at edge speed only.  It is a disappointment that tmobile changed the network without notify customer beforehand.

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      • drnewcomb2

        There was another thread from a user of an iPhone 4s about this. Seems that T-Mobile moved HSPA+ to the extra 5 MHz they have in the AWS band and re-purposed the PCS band for LTE. AWS was the original band used by T-Mobile for 3G/3.5G service, so in reality they just moved it back where it was.  T-Mobile's CTO, Neville Ray, has publicly stated that he wants to get rid of everything but LTE. So, anyone using a non-LTE device, of whatever description, has been notified. "You're living on borrowed time."


        I may not like it, myself, but T-Mobile is charging headlong into the 21st century and not stopping to look back.