Successor to Alcatel Linkzone? / Best way to arrange live video streaming.




    I'm planning a live video streaming of an event in August, and thus I need to have a wifi hotspot to allow internet connectivity to my laptop. 

    Checking,2817,2400503,00.asp  I see that T-mobile's  Alcatel is years behind any competition

    ( the technology in this modem is from 2012 ! See  Alcatel Linkzone (T-Mobile) Review & Rating |   ). 


    Thus I wonder :


    a)  could my Motorola Moto X Play  on 10 GB Simple Choice plan be quicker as  a hotspot than that Alcatel modem ?

    b) if not,  is there a plan for a successor of the Alcatel Linkzone 4G modem ?

    c) if not,  is it possible to purchase a third-party modem ( of  quality at least on par of Verizon's Jetpack 7730 ) that would work in T-mobile ?


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