I recently was moved work offices within Frankfort, KY 40601 to find I have no service inside. So I set back up my T-Mobile 4G LTE signal booster that I used at my old work location only to find it connection find any signal also. I then went outside with my iPhone 6 Plus only to notice I am only getting 1-2 bars of 4G but it doesn't appear that data is available ( or is very sporadic) because when I run a speed test it shows 0 up and 0 down and most messages fail to send. Is there an outage as I also tired to connect with the T-Mobile app to no avail?

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      • traburr

        Re: Minimal to no network connection in 40601

        correction to my previous statement *used at my old work location only it couldn't find any signal also."


        According to data from the area around where I am located ( 38° 9'29.33"N  84°55'15.73"W ) is a low signal area for multiple providers.
        Although just two miles away I get 5 bars of LTE is there anything T-Mobile can do to remedy this?