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    There are sub-forums for devices, services, and plans etc but none for apps. I understand that T-Mobile has very little resources on 3 Party apps. But A lot of users do have some tricks and how to's on apps.


    For EX:


    Let's talk about one thing that most parents want, but don;t know where to start. How to set up parental locks on the smart devices.


    The best app I have used and it pretty cheap ($00.30 for age verification) is Google Family Link.



    You can disable apps (installed on child's device).

    Approve or deny any apps to be install. (child must request approval)

    Ratting filter from E, E10+, PG... etc on apps, tv shows, movies, etc

    Set up Lock out (Bed Time) hours.

    Have a screen time allowance.

    You no longer have to worry about pins being forgotten or worst figure out.

    This also blocks charges from apps (I'ts not 100%, but i have NOT find a away around it)

    You may have one than one parent account.

    Child device can be blocked from adding user accounts.

    Child can not disable/uninstall Family Link... other apps that i have used can be be disable and/or uninstalled.



    You have to do all setting via the parent's device, you can not use the same devices as your child.

    Since the parent account has to approve or deny any apps, the child may sent a lot of requests.

    Your family group can only be up to 5 account.

    Once the child is 14 years old, any setting that you have set become void.

    At this movement you need to request to be in the program, and pay $00.30.

    This app may not work if the device is rooted.

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