If you here anything let me know.

    With this sorry update my battery drains quickly and I cant even fast charge my device,it takes about 10 hours to be at

    100% battery life... what a joke . Called reps twice and they blame Samsung also tried clearing cache twice and nothing. Rep said I can do a factory reset but not even that is 100% . Send a fix all update already please. A very annoyed and upset S7 Edge user in Kingsburg,.CA.      

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      • tmo_mike_c

        Oh man bmac75 ! 10 hours to charge is WAY too long! Sorry this has happened but we wanna help. From my experience, I've seen that after software updates, certain apps can cause the battery to drain a bit quicker. This is largely because app developers may not have updated them to be more battery-conscious with the new software. With that being said, have you tried removing 3rd party downloads and testing that out for a while to see if the things are better? It's a great step you could try before completely resetting everything.


        As for an update, I don't have any info saying there's another coming right now. Our most ideal page that'll have the latest info is our Software updates: Samsung Galaxy S7 edge page.