For about 2 weeks now, sending texts has been hit or miss.  Receiving seems to be OK, just can't send reliably.  The text either fails, takes up to 12 minutes to go through, or goes right away.  It was originally thought to be something to do with wifi, but we've had it off wifi for 24 hours and the issue still exists.


    This is just my phone among 4 at our address.  The phone is an S8 about 2 months old.


    The main issue is that support is (while friendly and helpful when speaking with them) haphazard, disjointed and not really helpful at all.  I've made about 6 calls, various chat messages, etc., and the issue still is not resolved.  Every time I get someone new we have to start over again--making me wonder if people are really noting my account.


    The last call--after they told me earlier today that they tried to call but said I didn't answer (which is not true, the phone was next to me all morning)--I was told they would send a SIM, but they "think" it will take about 4 to 5 days!  When asked about expediting, they said I could go to a store and pay $25, but if they send it's free.  4-5 days!


    I am upset at:


    1.  The inability of the representatives to accurately track my concerns and note progess, or lack thereof, to date

    2.  The failure to call me back at previously (24 hours earlier) scheduled time

    3.  The inability of Tmobile to send me a new SIM in an expedited manner

    4.  Last, but not least, the inability to send text messages


    This is my first time posting to this forum.  I wanted to email someone, but was unable to find any customer service email addresses, and every time I access a chat window it tells me my session expired and I have to go to another browser/computer to chat.  Hopefully this forum is moderated and someone at Tmobile takes the time to review my concerns.


    Thanks in advance.

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      • tmo_marissa

        Re: Can't Send Texts

        Hey, mrmet. Thanks for taking the time to post about your experience here -- your messaging issue sounds super frustrating, but reading that you had such a bummer of a time working with us to try to resolve it is a let down. I want to make sure that we address all of these concerns!

        1. Repeating yourself is never ideal, and we do have a memo space in accounts that should prevent that when possible. Sometimes with technical issues we're following a troubleshooting flow and may start from the top, and it takes a few minutes to read over previous notes, but if we've simply not left any, then we've dropped the ball and could definitely do a better job here. We will forward this feedback!


        2. A missed commitment is a huge deal. When we set an expectation that we'll call you back, we need to get a good time window and a best contact number and make good on that promise. Failure to complete a follow-up is not OK! Our internal teams can file an incident report to make sure that the appropriate management team is alerted when this happens, and we want to know about it the same way we want to know when someone exceeds your expectations!


        3. We can send a free SIM through Care, although there is a charge for expedited shipping. I'm so sorry if we didn't give you that option! We can't guarantee a free SIM in the store because availability is dependent on inventory -- however, a retail team may determine if one is needed for troubleshooting purposes.


        4. Last but not least -- what in the world is happening with these messages?! Based on your post, I know you might not be thrilled about this next bit, so I want to be candid -- since the Support Community is a public user forum, we can't see your account notes to know what we've ruled out, and some of these questions might be things you've already answered. But maybe we could at least try to narrow down possible causes, if you're up for it! I know you mentioned that you've had to reach out to us multiple times regarding these messaging delays, do you know if at any point a Trouble Ticket was filed for the issue? You tested without Wi-Fi, but can I ask if this is happening in multiple areas or if it seems to just be in one location (maybe this is a network issue, which the Trouble Ticket would alert engineering to)? What sort of troubleshooting did we walk through (cache wipe, deleting message threads, operating in Safe Mode to see if we could isolate an app causing the delay, etc) before we determined that testing a new SIM was the next step? Have you gotten your new SIM yet?


        Thanks for reading through all of this! Please know we accept all feedback through this channel -- good or bad -- and reading about how vexing it's been trying to get assistance with your messaging is just as big of a deal as the messaging itself. We can pass along what you've let us know about how this played out, but we'd like to try to help, too!


        - Marissa

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        • tmo_amanda

          Re: Can't Send Texts

          Happy Saturday, mrmet!


          I just wanted to swing by to see if you've had the chance to look over the reply above from Marissa. She asked a few questions that will help us get to the bottom of your messaging issue.

            • mrmet

              Re: Can't Send Texts

              I'm unsure if this is the appropriate vehicle to respond to your

              message(s)I received 4 of the same repy from 2 different people-or if I

              must return to the original thread.


              The saga has not, yet, ended.


              Last weekend, when I noticed a text I attempted to send at my home was

              still pending delivery 30 minutes later when I was at the mall, I spied a

              Tmobile store and spoke with the nice lady there.  She saw the text

              attempting delivery (spinning icon) and assisted.  She provided me a new

              sim and ordered a replacement phone.  The sim card, to date, seems to work

              better, but I have had a few spinning icon episodes.  Albeit, far fewer

              than previous.


              The replacement phone, to be delivered to my local store, alas, has yet to

              arrive one week after placing the order.  Or, it has arrived and they

              failed to contact me.  Either way, I am still waiting to be contacted about

              the phone--and waiting to speak with a representative at said store.


              Thank you.