Duplicate SIM not ringing


    I have a Huawei Mate 9 that I am using with a duplicate SIM.  SMS works, data works, but the phone will not ring.  I can make outgoing calls however.  Can anyone shed some light on why my phone won't ring?  I'm thinking it might be a phone issue so I would like to hear from others who are using this phone.  Thanks.

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      • debjitjdv

        Re: Duplicate SIM not ringing



        Can you try to switch off VoLTE or Enhanced 4G LTE feature? It should be available under Settings -> Mobile Networks or under Call Settings. We have seen in some of the Non T-Mobile branded device, activation of VoLTE creates some issues. After doing this please try to make and receive calls to your duplicate sim card.


        Further I am not sure, but if Huawei Mate 9 supports WiFi calling, please enable Wifi Calling. Then put your phone in AirPlane mode and then just turn on Wifi. If your phone supports T-Mobile Wifi Calling you should be able to make and receive calls over wifi. Please do these two tests and please keep me posted and tag me.