Insurance Mystery


    One year ago, I had walked in to a T-Mobile store in Menlo Park Mall in New Jersey and took 3 lines and 2 devices (Samsung Galaxy S7s). The representatives sold me the insurance for the devices and they themselves inserted the sim cards.

    Now, after one year, when one of my phone got damaged, T-Mobile's Insurance Arm Assurant claims that I did not use the insured line on those devices and hence won't be covered. I told them nobody told me that. I asked them, why do you insure a line? Shouldn't you be insuring the device? For that they say, they don't know why it is been like that.

    I called T-mobile, the representatives were unhelpful. After couple of days I called again and the representative said,that the insurance has been incorrectly sold by T-mobile representatives at the Menlo Park Mall. He said he is in an office in Maine and said the devices wouldn't be covered as they are above Tier 3. I said what is that. For that he says, you have a more expensive device which the insurance should be $ 10.00 per device and not $ 7.00. Then I asked him, why I was being sold insurance when it did not even cover? He didn't have any answer. Then I demanded my money back as I had paid the insurance for one year without nothing. He put me on hold and said he cannot do anything about it. I asked him where I should complain, he says he doesn't know.

    How can we be told different things by different representatives? For no fault of mine, I am suffering. Is there any solution?

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      • pedro_sanchez

        Re: Insurance Mystery

        Wow, have you been given a ton of incorrect info. Yes, there are tiers, but that affects the deductible, NOT the insurance premium. Insurance from Assurion WAS $7 back then and was increased to $10 a while back. But the cost is the same for every device.


        So were you being charged insurance on two devices ($20/month)? If you were only charged $10/month, you were only paying on one device. If that isn't the one that was damaged, then it isn't covered.

        • Re: Insurance Mystery

          I have 3 phones. I have insurance on one line. If any of those 3 phones malfunction or have an accident then that 1 line is covered and so are all 3 phones.


          I had to replace 2 phones in the same day.

          • magenta2163812

            Re: Insurance Mystery

            So according to couple of replies I got:

            1) I should not be paying 'more' deductibles because T-Mobile should have updated me with the changed rates of the insurance over Tier-3. Initially they said, they are deducting $ 175.00 for a galaxy S7. By the way, the reps didn't even mention about any deductibles when they sold me the phone first.

            2) Also, according to the second reply, my lines should have been covered especially with 3 lines and 2 instruments.


            In any case, T-mobile called back and said it wants to make good or honor their word to replace the damaged phone at $ 175.00 deductibles. I don't know, whether the amount is correct now. Moreover, in this 7 days where the company made me run pillar to post, I have purchased another device. If the above customers are saying the above, then there was so much trouble for nothing.