Zmodo Pivot-Pictures comes in fine but no 360 control


    I recently switched to T-Mobile from ATT, I was able to view and control my Zmodo Pivot camera (using both meshare and zmodo apps) with ATT cellular service but once switch to Tmobile, I can still view live video and audio but can no longer control the Pivot to turn. This only happens when I use T-Mobile cellular, if I tether to ATT, Verizon or even Sprint cellular service, everything works just fine on my iphone 6s plus.  I have search and contacted Zmodo and tried changing my home router setting ( Verizon Fios)  base on web search and nothing has helped. 


    So far, I like T-mobile, it does have weak signal indoors here and there but for the price I can live with it but I use few of these Zmodo Pivot to monitor my elderly mother at her house and also monitor my house while at work and not able to turn/control these cameras is really frustrating. 


    Any help will be greatly appreciated, hate to switch again but if I find no solution in near future, I might have to.

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