Need to cancel but cant


           My name is Rehman Chaudhary and I have recently got tmobile as a phone service on 06/27/2017. I wanted to port on 4 lines from Att. I paid for my order which was aproxmenlty $387.99. My package with 4 phones never made it to me and was lost after delivery. I called tmobile and explained the situation and they advised me that I have to pay for the new order again and they will refund the money for first order after the research team has done their investigation. So I placed the new order and paid more money. Tmobile canceled my secoond order after on 07/03/2017. They never shipped it out even through they made me Sign the phone installment agreement. I called and asked why they canceled and never shipped out my second order and they said they don't know!!! I have called 17 times regarding this matter in the past 2 weeks and I have received no help from anybody who works for tmobile. The installment plan for 4 phones still shows up on my account as if I have the phones in my possession and I'm using them currently. I have been billed for first month even when I have no phones and never used service on this account. I have received no help regarding this matter from the representatives or supervisor. I have called 17 times in the past 2 weeks!!! Please help me with this matter. I would also like to speak to a person who speaks proper English and understands me properly. Most tmobile representives can't speak proper English so they can't understand proper English either.

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