Delete/Deactivate my Support Account?


    Can someone delete/deactivate my Support community account please?

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      • snn_555

        Re: Delete/Deactivate my Support Account?

        Typically you don't deactivate or delete a community account. You can unsubscribe to alerts via your profile settings or just never log back in.


        Perhaps a comm manager can erase you though. 

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        • tmo_marissa

          Re: Delete/Deactivate my Support Account?

          Hey there! We can definitely archive the account for you if you'd like -- but we'll be sad to see you go! Is there anything I can help with instead? Are you getting too many notifications from the Support Community? Maybe we can show you how to unfollow a thread or a space! I'm going to send a PM your way in a moment, please check your inbox when you have a second!


          - Marissa