Unlocked Galaxy S6 text & data work but no phone calls don't.


    Around the June 2th I decided to switch from AT&T to T-Mobile due to them charging me 500 dollars for some changes to my plan that I wasn't made aware of. I had service with them for around 10 years now but decided to give T-Mobile a try. I saw the new Switch-To-T-Mobile offer and decided to go for it as September last year I got 2 new Galaxy S6, one for me and one for my wife; when I switched I had purchased a temporary phone so I could work (I need a phone to do my job) and wait for the money to pay for the other 2 phone would come. Around 10 days ago I got the money and was able to pay for both phones and get them unlocked and everything was fine from then on.

    Here is where the problem comes in:

    Around 3 days ago both phones started to have problems, messages wouldn't send, calls would drop and terrible reception. My wife had told me that she was having problems but I told were not to worry about it and that it was just something temporary.
    Then 1 day passes and the problem get worse, now we are not able to make calls (Sometimes we are able to but we have to wait around 2-3 minutes for the call to come out and it would be really choppy and noisy) or receive any calls (This one seems to be more permanent and never works.
    The strange part come in the fact that we are able to use the data (4G LTE at all times) and send/receive messages.



    TLDR: (For those who don't feel like read my long wall of text):

    1) I got 2 phones from AT&T (Both Galaxy S6 and unlocked)
    2) Both phones were switched over to T-Mobile and worked fine for about a week.
    3) Around 3 days ago I lost all ability to make or receive calls from both phones
    4) The data & messages for both phones seems to be just fine but the ability to create/receive calls just isn't there.


    Here is what I have tried:
    1) I tried changing the APN to T-Mobile's APN (It was already there but I added a new one with T-Mobile's specification).
    2) I tried restarting the phone (A few hundred times).
    3) I tried switching the SIM Card to the temporary phone that I bought from T-Mobile and that seems to work fine.

    4) I have tried using an app called "4G Switcher" to Change the netowork type to one compatible with T-Mobiles.
    5) I tried disabling and enabling Air-Plane mode.
    6) I tried Swapping SIM Cards from a working T-Mobile phone to this one.

    7) I tried disabling/Enabling 4G LTE, 2G and 3G  and none seems to work (Apart from internet data like I said before)/
    7) I tried contacting T-Mobile support.

    All of the above have yielded no results.


    Additional Information:
    1) My sons AT&T Galaxy S5 which he used for about 2 weeks with T-Mobile and then turned off and never used again when I got him an S8 From T-Mobile itself no longer works (There was no change anything could have changed with the settings of this phone due to it being off the whole time)
    2) When I make a call from any of the phones (Apart from the one that due work) the signal drops from 4G LTE to Edge and then to no signal (If I am lucky it will stay on Edged for long enough for the call to go through))
    3) I am also able to receive voice mails from any and all phones.


    Some threads on this site with similar problems (Different in the way that they can make calls but have no data and I have data & text messages but can't make calls)

    Samsung S7 Edge At&t To T-Mobile. Can't get 4G or any internet. Text & calls work
    Unlocked AT&T S7 Active - moved to T-Mobile: Not working well.

    Here are the APN settings that I have reapplied to both phones:
    Network, APN, and VoLTE: Samsung Galaxy S 6


    If anyone has ever encountered or heard of this issue please let me know, I am desperate.

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