Have to log in twice to DIGITS application


    There is a bug in the DIGITS desktop application that makes me log in twice every time. First of all, the "keep me logged in" feature does not work properly, as it logs the account out after restarting the application or OS. At minimum, it should save the user name so that we don't have to keep logging in our details. Second of all, every time I try to log in, I have to enter my user name and password once, hit "log in," and then it briefly logs in and then brings up the log in dialog again, where I have to manually type in my user name and password a second time, every time.


    Also, on all platforms, DIGITS should recognize when there is only one line registered (which probably applies to the majority of customers), and not prompt us for which line we would like to use when there is only one option.


    DIGITS is a great step in the right direction, but the software lacks the polish of a system that is out of Beta.

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