Billing cycle, bill close date and bill due date? PDF bill vs online bill summary!




    My family simple choice plan cycle dates was 5th to 4th of next month, and the due date was always 25th. In June 24 we paid the bill and switched all members to Tmobile One and added a new line too. I transferred two more Tmobile members to the plan on 2nd of July. Added another line on 2nd but sim card delivery took until 7th. On 7th I ported in two more members from another carrier which was completed on 9th.


    Now Tmobile says it has changed the cycle dates to 11th - 10th next month. I don't know why.


    As of July 13th I have been issued a bill with the "close date" of July 04 and due date of 26th in the "PDF version of the bill". The agent told me this is for July-August but there is nothing saying so in the bill.


    Considering that I've already paid for the June-July, what does this "close date" mean? Does it mean it is for July-August? because the due  date is July 26th.

    On my online account billing summary page I see that this bill is for June 05 - July 04. How is that possible as I've already paid for that?


    More over the bill amounts are a little bit different between online bill summary and PDF version!


    one last question is as my cycle dates has changed why the due date is still almost the same as before?


    Thank you for your help

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      • The date changed to accommodate the last line from the 9th. Line additions in the middle of a cycle paid for can change dates a bit for the next cycle.


        Post paid plans are paid a month ahead.


        Think of of it in terms of Kickback. If you used less than 2GB this cycle at cycle close you wouldn't see that $10 credit until the next bill came out. You cannot NOT use that data until you have closed that billing cycle.

          • magenta2178890

            Thanks for that info but sounds like I'll be issued two bills this month. So strange!

            One prorated for adjusted difference due to changing plan mid-cycle and the other one for the next month. and again I paid total amount of of June-July completely but with previous plan fees.


            Some of the agents at Tmobile Customer Care just gave me false info that  costed me a prorated fee for Tmobile One plan. I will file a complain against her as her guidance was totally misleading to rush me through change of family plan on Due Date instead of Cycle End Date.


            The 2nd bill for July-August will be issued around 15th of July.


            And honestly as you said "Post paid plans are paid a month ahead", I was dying of laughter because of this paradox! What is Tmobile thinking?


            Thank you so much,

          • Post paid means you pay after you use it but you have to have a months worth of service before you can pay for it so you always pay a month ahead.


            it also depends on when you pay your bill as I pay my bill four days after the bill cycle closes but it's not actually due until the end of the month so I am almost to pre-paying. Or in the least paying three weeks before it's due.


            if you pay on the day the bill is due then you are almost essentially post paying.