Switching from Verizon to T-mobile with a Samsung S7, MMS issues


    Posting here as it seems to be a common problem that you lose MMS text message function when changing over to T-Mobile from Verizon with Samsung S7. I search through the forum (though maybe its here somewhere), many times on the phone with T-Mobile tech support / Samsung tech support (both mostly useless) trying many different APN settings/factory reset 3rd party messenger applications but no luck.


    Luckily the store in which a purchased my new plan was very helpful. Ultimately these APN settings were the ones that had to be changed to function correctly sending/receiving MMS messages:


    APN Settings required to change from the default:


    APN type:



    APN protocol:



    APN roaming protocol:


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      • tmo_marissa

        Hey, elp0901! This is absolutely fantastic, thanks so much for posting here! I will share this thread's link with the rest of my team and if we see users crop up with this issue we'll have them give this a shot. We appreciate this!


        - Marissa

        • denn07

          Finally! Thx you. Fixed my MMS issue. Now how did you get your phone to system/software  update after factory reset?

          • orodrig23

            Normally upon checking that your APN settings are configured correctly you simply have to restart your device and it should work. There are rare cases in which an unlocked device will just not work for MMS and T-Mobile cannot guarantee that all services be functional on unlocked devices. The good news is that this normally only affects MMS and you are still able to use data, talk & text (SMS). I hope this information sheds some light on your situation.

            • magenta3515135

              This is definitely an extremely unpleasant experience. My husband and I both have Samsung S7 from Verizon. We switched to T-mobile in September 2017 and experienced calling/receiving call/SMS issues during the first two weeks.  T-mobile and Verizon kept bouncing us back and forth. We finally escalated the issue to a more knowledgeable T-mobile tech support, he adjusted the APN and everything went well locally.  Last Saturday we traveled to Las Vegas with family. Both of us went through hell again since we cannot call/receive calls and SMS. No wifi calling. The text messages were delayed and sometimes were not able to receive. The T-mobile logo disappeared in the top left-hand corner. All outbound calls either dropped or had such poor quality that no one understood what we are talking, so we cannot even contact customer service properly. All inbound calls went directly to our VM. Every tech support will no worry, they will be able to help us.  They asked us to perform basic troubleshooting steps such as on/off, ##004#, ##21#, or to ask us to change to a T-mobile device which we do not have, when they failed, they then pushed the ball back to Verizon, stating a disclaimer that those were third-party phones, we can either buy two new T-mobile phones or switch back to Verizon. They trashed our trust, wasted our time and efforts. During the trip, including the long wait time to contact a representative, I spent over 10+ hours on the phone/chat to communicate the issue with "zero" result. Can you imagine the frustration between all our family members during the trip? When we passed the Nevada border back to California, both of our phones were back to normal.  We can call/receive calls/send SMS. After reading so many people were having the same issue, I think T-mobile should improve their services and technical support for customers.  It is unacceptable for a customer to travel with disrupted, unreliable national wide service at a location with good coverage as T-mobile advertised. It is also T-mobile's responsibility to resolve this ongoing issue since their store representatives told us at the beginning that as long as our phones are unlocked, we can switch to T-mobile from Verizon without any problem. Until today, we are still waiting for the customer service representative to contact us as they stated. We are traveling to other states very soon, we are so frustrated and debating what we should do. Any feedback are welcome!