No service, slow service, can't connect to internet Houston, TX zip 77032


    nearest intersection N. Beltway 8 and JFK blvd.

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      • drnewcomb2

        Just south of the airport? I take it that you have a strong signal but poor Internet service? There are a number of towers very near there, all running multiple LTE bands with at least 20x20 LTE. All I can suggest is massive congestion. Does this happen at specific times (e.g. rush hour) or all the time? What phone are you using?

          • georgejetson

            No not a strong signal at all. One or two bars of LTE at best or No Service. Happened all day using iPhone 7 plus. My actual location is about a half mile west of the intersection.

              • drnewcomb2

                There's an area right around Halliburton where the signal shows up as being somewhat weaker than elsewhere. (I'm looking at and  It should still be more than good enough. While the iPhone SE is not particularly noted for good reception, it should have Carrier Aggregation (CA), So, it should be able to mix and match multiple frequencies to make the most of what's available. 


                I'm not sure what's happening. Has this been ongoing or just a recent thing? They might be working on one of the towers.

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                  • georgejetson

                    Recent for me as I just switched carriers to T-MOBILE yesterday. Never had this problem with Verizon.

                      • drnewcomb2

                        Every carrier has some pesky little service holes. I know some spots where Verizon doesn't work very well.

                        I don't believe in waiting around hoping that a carrier will fix a signal issue in a place where I really need coverage. I've been waiting 15 years for T-Mobile to fix an obvious and important service issue. If this is a show-stopper for you, it's always possible to port out and try a different carrier. Did you bring that phone from Verizon or trade your old phone in? Do you own the phone or are you making monthly payments on it?   A lot of people make the mistake of trading in their old phone when they change carriers, which burns their bridges behind them. You have a 14 day "buyer's remorse" period in which you can take everything back to the store and get a refund but you'll never get back any phone you traded in. The iPhone SE is very flexible and will work on any carrier. With this type of phone it's possible to try a carrier for a month and if it doesn't work, port out, no harm, no foul, no hard feelings*. The hard feelings come when when someone feels like their yoked to a bad decision.


                        *We're trying to move one of our phones (a Nexus 5x) to Sprint, just to give them a fair test, even though everyone says to avoid Sprint. Other than the monthly service, the investment will only be ~$10 for their SIM card. If it turns out good, that's great. If not, we're not out much.

                • georgejetson

                  I'm starting to think it might be a problem related to the GSM modem in my iPhone 7 plus.  Both Sprint and TMO are using GSM networks.  There are some discussions about the CDMA modem from Qualcomm in the iPhone 7 plus having superior performance over the Intel GSM modem. That might explain why I had no problem with Verizon, but nothing but problems with Sprint / TMO.

                  • georgejetson

                    Okay, I got a little confused there.  It seems there's only one modem chip in the phone. If you buy the unlocked sim-free 7 plus like I did, it comes with the Qualcomm chip which is good for both CDMA/GSM.  If you buy a 7 plus through TMO or AT&T, you will get the  Intel modem which is only good for GSM. I found out Sprint uses CDMA, so there goes my theory about the GSM/CDMA difference.


                    Yes it is being used primarily indoors. If I look at where the cell towers are, TMO should be killing it out here.  The independent coverage measurements also support that presumption. I am at a total loss to explain the difference between the connectivity I got from Verizon versus both Sprint and TMO.


                    BTW, Best Buy sells the Sprint sim card for $4.99.

                    • magenta3139365

                      Completed around 8/17????????. Today is November 7 and still there's no reliable signal around BW8 and JFK blvd. There are around 1100 people working at my company campus; lots of them switching to ATT due to lack of T-Mobile service.

                      any updated ETA, please???