LG G6 delayed texts & notifications (among other issues)


    About two weeks ago, I began having issues with my LG G6, which I have owned since the day it was released with T-Mobile.


    The first issue was that about 2 weeks ago when I was using it, the phone became unusually hot while I was checking my emails. I wasn’t doing anything out of the ordinary on the phone, nor was I using many apps or doing major downloads. I immediately stopped using the phone and let it “rest” for a while. It had become so hot that I became alarmed because it was too hot to hold. After the phone became unusually hot and then had cooled down, I noticed that my battery life was reducing at a dramatic rate. For instance, I would charge the phone to 100% and within an hour of very light use, the battery life would be at 80%. I could just turn on the phone screen and watch the battery percentage drop by 1% every 30 seconds or so. I also charged the phone to 100% before going to bed and when I awoke, the battery was at 75%. Normally overnight the battery usage would drop by 2%, not 25%!


    I checked and there were no apps using unusual amounts of battery power. I did not have the always on display on, there wasn’t anything out of the ordinary. In fact, the most used apps were the android system and the phone idle. So, I decided to do a factory reset to see if it would fix the problem.

    Since doing the factory reset, the battery life has returned to normal, which is great. However, now I am experiencing the following problems:


    • Text messages (both SMS and MMS) on the stock messaging app are not being received unless I reboot my phone. Then I will suddenly receive a bunch of messages that were sent hours and hours or from the day before. After rebooting, I will get messages normally for a couple hours and then quit getting them until I reboot again. My messages are reaching the receivers just fine, in real time. Oh, and the texts coming in late are from anyone using any make or model of phone.
    • App notifications quit coming through or come through extremely late unless I reboot my phone. Then I will get notifications again for a little while. If I reboot my phone, notifications start coming through again.
    • Notifications on the app logo (such as for messages, Facebook, email) are getting “stuck”. For instance, I do not have any new text messages, and have deleted all of my messages, yet my phone still shows I have one new message waiting
    • I am not sure if this is a problem with my phone or my car, but since I did the factory reset, my car will only download 12 of my 45 contacts via Bluetooth, when the car did download all of my contacts previous to the factory reset. I thought I would mention this in case there is a correlation
    • Also, before the day the phone became hot, I was experiencing an issue where if I had the "always on" screen enabled, if I had been driving in my car, after I got out of my car, my phone would display that I was "Connected to Santa Fe" and that would only go away if I restarted the phone. That's not happening now that I did the factory reset. Maybe some helpful info?


    All of these issues are happening whether I am using Wi-Fi or 4G and no matter where I am. I have a very strong Wi-Fi and 4G signal at home and at work, where most of my time is spent. So this is not due to having weak signals.


    Neither my husband or my children are experiencing these issues. None of them are using the same phone as me. They are using Samsung S7 and iPhone7 phones.


    These issues are becoming very frustrating because I am rebooting my phone several times every day, just to see if I have any text messages or notifications. Anyone have any advice?

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