Smartphone equality is NOT legit!!


    Started my Simply Prepaid service on June 5, 2016. When June 5, 2017 came around the time was on schedule at reporting 11 months. Now that it is July and the time has come for the timer to change to 12. No change. Still at 11. After visiting the store, calling customer service, getting sent back and forth between the two for hours just for in the end me to get told get over it we will allow you to move over to postpaid when WE'RE good and ready. Instead of keeping true to the companies word and allowing the change at 12 months fully paid service rather than at 13 months. If I do have to wait until August I will have to consider this an untrustworthy company and take my unlocked devices elsewhere. SOMETHING HAS TO BE DONE!! I'VE BEEN LIED TO!! Also as a side note. I really don't appreciate your reps assuming that just because I'm so adamant about this because I want a free phone. That is far from the case. I was in the store prepared to buy the 256GB iPhone 7 Plus with attachments but while on the phone I felt like assumptions were being made and just as a business you all are FAILING with your CS reps. AND TELL THEM TO STOP MAKING FAKE TICKETS. OR TICKETS THAT WONT DO ANYTHING FOR ME IN THE END!! The 256gb iPhones are on sale for the same price of the 128gb iPhone which I'm sure will not be available come August. I've been bamboozled and should be taken care of accordingly!! This is my last ditch attempt at fixing this. If it is not. Say bye to my $45-$95 a month and hello to the Better Business Bureau...

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