New phone, pre-paid plan. Linked it to my car with no problems. Car (Buick Enclave) will show the signal strength and battery condition. When first paired the phone asked for permission to allow the car to use my contacts and data. I agree (but I really didn't have anything in them). All seemed well.


    Today as I was driving I noticed there were NO BARS showing for the signal on the car? Huh? So I opened the phone and I had the request to allow the car to share the data again? Confirmed and the signal bars then showed the proper amount. OK, figured I was done?


    Nope, came back in the car and the same thing happened? However the next stop and getting back in did not?

    So I have 2 questions:


    1. Since I keep the phone in my pocket, will I be able to use the car to call if that prompt is showing on the phone and the car shows no bars? The bars disappear sometime after I've driven for awhile. It doesn't happen immediately.
    2. Did I mess a setting and that is causing the request to occur over and over?

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      • tmo_marissa

        Re: Go Flip Bluetooth connect to car

        Welcome, irvsp! I have to say, the basics covered here Bluetooth: Alcatel GO Flip don't reference the permissions pop-up, and double checking the User guide & Getting started: Alcatel GO Flip didn't offer much more insight! Generally speaking though, it sounds like the connectivity between your car and the device is static. I know it's been a few days - have you seen this happen again since your post? Have you had a chance to test trying to place a call when this happens? I'm definitely interested to know whether the pairing is still considered complete while that prompt is pending.


        - Marissa

          • irvsp

            Re: Go Flip Bluetooth connect to car

            @tmo_marissa, it happened EVERY time except ONCE... I normally have my phone in my pocket and then get in the car and start it. While I'm driving I notice the reception bars shown on my Entertainment unit display. Most of the time it is ZERO bars, occasionally 1 bar. Once I can stop and get the phone out of my pocket I can open it and see it is waiting for me to CONFIRM that the car has access to my contacts and data... and once I confirm that then the entertainment unit shows the same a bars as on the phone. This 'feature' is VERY annoying and I can see ANYWAY to disable this!!!


            On top of that, my battery is emptying very rapidly. Over 20% lost every day and the spec's are 11 days Standby. Phone is hardly used, just sits on the Kitchen counter and we take it with us when we go out. Have made all of 1 call on it since I got it.


            I get noticed as well that indicate the connection has dropped sometimes, a REG99 error, and many times a day (not always again, but it has happened a few days) notice that I can make calls on WIFI now. NO OTHER device in the house has dropped WiFi signal (I know, I checked the router log).


            I called Support this morning, it took SIX transfers to different people with NO RESOLUTION. I didn't even bring up the car problem! Thought is maybe I have a bad battery, phone, or even 'that is what it does'. Less than 4 days standby is ridiculous. I'll be going into a store tomorrow in hopes that they can help.


            I know this phone is NEW, supposedly released in mid-May. The manual is so rudimentary and void of real explanations of most settings it is almost a joke. Even Support wasn't fully aware of the phone and its features. For instance on Page 2 which is the diagram of the phone, the Call Waiting key isn't annotated nor the Speakerphone and the manual has NO mention of Speaker phone but the spec's call it out. Finally saw it on a call for the right softkey as it was labeled that. Page 9 for the phone icons do NOT show one I get? It is like the one that is the 3rd from the bottom, Missed Call, but I have that Handset with 3 rounded lines above it. No, I do NOT have missed calls. I can't find in the Manual ANY words of Network and Connection in settings, and most options are NOT explained at all, like VoLTE, it is either on or off, but no mention of what it is (Voice over LTE), what is the default, and what happens if you turn it off.


            Seriously, that manual needs to be re-written to be totally useful.


            Between the BT prompt to give permissions EVERY time I'm in the car (no, I don't know if calls will go through if I don't do that) and then when I'm driving I might be distracted by this if I should need to make a car and the VERY SHORT battery life I am a VERY UNHAPPY customer. Worse, I transferred my number to the phone from Verizon, and I'm running out of options... and I've been told that not only is this the ONLY PRE-PAID flip phone they have, it is also on back-order.


            Can you help me at all? Hopefully I'll get some help/satisfaction when I go to the store tomorrow, but I may be optimistic on this.

              • tmo_marissa

                Re: Go Flip Bluetooth connect to car

                Yikes! That's quite a laundry list of issues! When it comes to this device and our internal Known Issues list, I have to tell you -- it's a ghost town. The only thing we've got reported at this point is the fact that the film needs to be removed to improve sound quality! Since this particular BT quirk isn't referenced at all in the manual version or the internal content we have or the one you received with the phone, I'm wondering if Alcatel might be able to shed some light on whether or not this is expected? Have you had a chance to reach out to them at all?
                Regarding the REG99 error, that's definitely something we'd need you to Contact Us regarding -- I'm guessing that's why you were directed to pick up a SIM, right? How did that work out for you? Are you connecting to Wi-Fi now?


                - Marissa

                  • irvsp

                    Re: Go Flip Bluetooth connect to car




                    The STORE is USELESS, it is a Prepaid and they will NOT do anything.



                    I've not contacted Alcatel, I figured T-Mobile should know?



                    I did GOOGLE the battery life and found these:






                    One thing it says is enable WiFi, yet the store told me to TURN OFF WiFi

                    and BT to conserve battery life. I went home, charged the battery to

                    100% and turned them off. 24 hours later checked the battery, 81% full.

                    With them both on, it was around the same.



                    Another link to conserve battery power:






                    It wants the BT OFF???? I've got everything else covered but Power

                    Saving which turns off BT which I want. Store told me to turn it off and

                    then on when I get in the car, and off again when I get out if I need

                    BT... that is DUMB!!!



                    Sprint has the SAME info...



                    More, this time T-Mobile:






                    Note it says WiFi and BT OFF...



                    I did get a call back yesterday from Support and checked what happened

                    with the store. 'We' were exploring getting a different phone. The next

                    one up, a $100 smartphone. It has (by spec) a longer Standby time and BT

                    4.0 vs. 3.0 in the Go Flip (which could be the request for sharing

                    contact cause everytime?). He called the store and checked if they had

                    one and they did. The idea was I was going to go in, buy that and then

                    RMA the Go Flip. Went into the store and they said they didn't have any?

                    Couldn't do anything since I bought the phone via the 800#. Not even

                    exchange the battery.



                    This morning I tried Support AGAIN!!!  Best they can do is REPLACE the

                    whole phone, but I'm in a predicament at this time. We're leaving on

                    Sunday and wouldn't have time to possibly get the replacement Go Flip

                    AND mail back the old one. I'm running out of runway on my 20 days to

                    return it too. I need the phone when we're away so I can't chance it.

                    I'll probably try when we return again to get it exchanged.



                    What blows my mind is NO ONE seems to know anything about the phone, at

                    least the BT problem and EXACTLY how long the battery should work with

                    Standby? I have the phone next to the computer now and occasionally I

                    get a NOTICE that I will be making calls via the network. Why I don't

                    know? I've checked my Router logs and it NEVER disconnects. Either this

                    is a bad phone, or possibly the firmware is buggy? Still, I wish someone

                    would/could say definitively if I have a bad phone or battery or not?



                    Asking me to disable settings I need is NOT a good answer. Matter of

                    fact, there is probably other problems too. I was talking to Support

                    today via the phones Speaker Phone. They kept telling me I was breaking

                    up. I was NOT on WiFi at the time either. Doesn't bode well for the

                    phone, but worse, to me at least, no one in Support seems to care or

                    want to dig and get me happy.



                    I hope you can help on this matter...

                    • irvsp

                      Re: Go Flip Bluetooth connect to car

                      Oh, the REG99 errors have stopped now? Don't know why?



                      What 'film' are you talking about? Did I miss removing some? I still

                      have the film on the screens. Hmm, I bet that silver bar above the

                      screen IS the mic? Film does cover it, but when I tested the phone and

                      called our land line it was clear? I guess I should remove it.

                • tmo_marissa

                  Re: Go Flip Bluetooth connect to car

                  Hey, irvsp! Sorry for the delayed reply -- your message came in right as my weekend started! From your response, it sounds like I might be catching you at a bad time, since you mentioned that you're leaving town today, but I wanted to check in nonetheless. It's a bummer to read that you haven't felt supported when reaching out for help. It might take some time to communicate in this medium, but we do want to help get to the bottom of these issues!


                  Did that REG99 error stay away? The basic troubleshooting for it is on our Wi-Fi Calling problems page, but it's an error that can appear when certain IMS/Wi-Fi calling 2.0 devices are connected to certain routers or devices, and if troubleshooting doesn't help, it requires a trouble ticket be filed by our Tech team. Typically, we'd send an OTA (over the air) fix, perform a Master Reset if that wasn't helpful, and test the SIM in another device if the error persists and an alternate is an option. Did we send anything over the air to your phone? Do you still have Wi-Fi calling enabled? If we didn't send an update to your device, and you've still got Wi-Fi calling turned on, then it may be that the new SIM solved this problem (which would be great)!


                  Regarding the BT prompt, I get wanting to know if this is expected behavior or if the phone's buggy -- and your timeline (wanting to know the answer prior to the Buyer's Remorse return period) is understandable. The info we're provided by the manufacturer for Bluetooth steps is, in this device's case, identical to what you see here on Support. I will say that because of the differences in Bluetooth specifications, different paired devices can behave in radically different ways -- sometimes the basic BT functionality will still work, but with "quirks". On the surface, this feels like more of a quirk or bug than an expected behavior to me, since you mentioned that it's happening while driving, but didn't happen when you left the vehicle and entered again. I was hunting around the Buick site to find a compatibility list, but it looks like you need to enter the year in addition to the model -- can you check it out here and see if it lists the Go Flip for your Enclave? I'm sure you paired your previous phone to your car and didn't see these messages -- can I ask if you see extra prompts on the phone when you're pairing it with anything else (if you've had a chance to try that)?


                  The "standby time" for a phone's battery life in tech specs references the length of time the manufacturer has advised that the phone will maintain power without being used in any way -- Wi-Fi and Bluetooth processes running in the background do use battery, which is why we typically recommend turning those things off to conserve battery life. :/ I totally agree that turning them off when they're things that you rely on isn't realistic. Earlier you mentioned you were getting four days on standby -- is that with or without Wi-Fi/BT on? By standby do you mean no use or light use? If the device isn't being used during this period, then I agree that this is a pretty big difference between the specs we've been given!


                  Sorry for the wall of text here, but I'm interested in any updates or input you've got when you have some time! I hope you're travelling safely.



                    • irvsp

                      Re: Go Flip Bluetooth connect to car

                      Marissa, REG99 has stoppe, don't know why.


                      Battery is the REAL problem and it is getting worse. Yes, wifi and but is left on. I charged it to 100%. Each day I checked the percentage and lost about 20% a day. One day I looked and it was at 54%. Next day it was DEAD! Couldn't turn it on. Charge started at 0%! Unacceptable!


                      I'm out of the remorse time, hopefully I can get it exchanged as defective?


                      checked the BT on Buick page, NOT listed. However the car is 2015 and this phone wasn't made then, but older Alcatel phones are. might be because this one is BT 3 and others, and car I think is  BT 4?