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    I don't know if T-Mobile accepts suggestions but if y'all do, I suggest y'all bring back Nextel as a partner. Ever since AT&T acquired it, I haven't been able to use it when roaming in Mexico. That sucks because other than Telcel, Nextel was my favorite carrier to roam on, Movistar not as much as their coverage is bad. Is it possible for T-Mobile to bring back Nextel or update their agreement? I know that it takes time to negotiate but hopefully yall decide to work things out with AT&T Mexico.

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      • tidbits

        Re: Suggestion on Partnerships

        With the way AT&T likes to do things with Roaming it will never happen. 

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        • drnewcomb2

          Re: Suggestion on Partnerships

          T-Mobile has to work within the bounds of the world, as it is; not as they'd like it to be. I have not heard that slow data is an issue for people who buy prepaid SIMs in Mexico. There seems to be some issue with the data connection between the Mexican roaming partners and T-Mobile's APN.   This is something T-Mobile needs to sort out with their Mexican partners. These companies want roaming to work because they want it to work for their customers in the US. They need it to work so that they don't lose customers to AT&T.