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    For many years now I've been visiting TC in northern MI.  My old Motorola V195S (G 8/9/18/19) gave great service, which it reported as Cingular. This year no signal what so ever.  zero bars.  Did the AT&T provided GSM go away? Did TMO not replace it? Does TMO provide 2G service in northern MI any more?

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      • drnewcomb2

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        I can tell you exactly what happened. Your old V195s is a quad-band GSM (2G) phone. Two things happened:

        1. AT&T completely shut down their 2G network on Dec 31st of last year, so your old phone will no longer roam AT&T's signal, which it identifies by its former name: "Cingular"
        2. T-Mobile extended their 4G LTE service all over upper LP Michigan and has both LTE and HSPA+ service in Traverse City. However they did not include any 2G service in this expansion. (Neither did they include any stage coaches or steam engines).


        T-Mobile covered N. Mich with modern LTE service. I suggest you move into the 21st century and retire that old 2G phone and get a phone that can take advantage of new technology. That phone won't work on any carrier in N. Mich. T-Mobile left 2G service running where it was before just so customers with 2G devices wouldn't be inconvenienced but they are not including 2G in their coverage expansion plans.

        • magenta4092022

          Re: traverse city coverage

          t mobile does not work in Traverse City, even if AT&T help T Mobile !

          • magenta5741941

            Re: traverse city coverage

            There is coverage in Traverse City and the majority of Northern Mi.


            There are a few things to keep in mind phone wise when traveling or living in northern Mi.  The area is not retro fitted to the older technologies.  In order to utilize the coverage in NMI you need a band 12(700) antenna in your phone.  This means a iPhone 6S or higher, or a galaxy 6 or higher.  Double check if your phone had the band needed before traveling to NMI to avoid the headache.