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    For many years now I've been visiting TC in northern MI.  My old Motorola V195S (G 8/9/18/19) gave great service, which it reported as Cingular. This year no signal what so ever.  zero bars.  Did the AT&T provided GSM go away? Did TMO not replace it? Does TMO provide 2G service in northern MI any more?

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      • drnewcomb2

        Re: traverse city coverage

        I can tell you exactly what happened. Your old V195s is a quad-band GSM (2G) phone. Two things happened:

        1. AT&T completely shut down their 2G network on Dec 31st of last year, so your old phone will no longer roam AT&T's signal, which it identifies by its former name: "Cingular"
        2. T-Mobile extended their 4G LTE service all over upper LP Michigan and has both LTE and HSPA+ service in Traverse City. However they did not include any 2G service in this expansion. (Neither did they include any stage coaches or steam engines).


        T-Mobile covered N. Mich with modern LTE service. I suggest you move into the 21st century and retire that old 2G phone and get a phone that can take advantage of new technology. That phone won't work on any carrier in N. Mich. T-Mobile left 2G service running where it was before just so customers with 2G devices wouldn't be inconvenienced but they are not including 2G in their coverage expansion plans.

        • magenta4092022

          Re: traverse city coverage

          t mobile does not work in Traverse City, even if AT&T help T Mobile !