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    Hi there! I'm interested in getting the Moto Z2 Play. It's currently a Verizon exclusive, but they come GSM unlocked. It comes with bands 2, 4, 12, which seems to be all T-Mobile uses:

    z2 play bands.png


    Is there anything I should worry about with having this phone on T-Mobile? Maybe VoLTE or software updates? Never used a Verizon phone on T-Mobile before, so not sure how it will pan out.


    Thanks in advance for the help!

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        Wifi calling might not work. You might have other service issues in some areas.


        I know the Moto G5 works and so does wifi calling.

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          Re: Moto Z2 Play on T-Mobile

          This is a great question ericx and thanks for posting. In additional to snn_555's comment, I'd just like to add a little more info. We welcome folks that wanna bring another carrier's phone over. In theory, as long as the device uses the frequencies our network supports, it should work without any issues. With that being said, we can't guarantee it'll have all the functionality like VoLTE and we can't really vouch for the updates it'll get. To give it the best chance of working on our network, you'll wanna review our Bring your own device setup guide page. It's also got a very important disclaimer that folks should read when their wanting to use a Non-T-Mobile device. Hope this helps!