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DIGITS Early Access Program Interest Thread - Closed!


    Update, 8/1/2017


    Hello, all! Thank you so much for all of your interest! We heard from the DIGITS team today that they're closing in on completion of these builds (with many thanks to the existing test groups) and are no longer in need of new users.
    They would still love feedback from any existing testers here: DIGITS Early Access
    If you're currently testing either build and aren't able to access that space, please let us know in the comments here and we'll get you whitelisted ASAP!


    Thank you very much for your help! Please follow our News & Updates space if you're interested in keeping up with the Support Community -- we'll be sure to alert everyone to any future beta programs or EAPs open to Support users there!




    Original Message, 7/10/2017


    Hey there!


    Hopefully, you found this thread because of the blog we posted to let everyone know about this program's upcoming launch. If you've stumbled across this thread while meandering through the DIGITS Discussions space in our Support Community, please take a look here for more information about the Early Access Program: DIGITS Early Access Program.


    If you're up for participating in the Early Access Program, we're stoked to have your support! Simply comment below -- you can say "I'm in", "I'm game", "Me please", or throw in a photo of your raised hand (just keep it SFW ) -- whatever you like. One of our team will PM you shortly to grab some particulars and we'll forward them off to the fine folks on the DIGITS team.


    Thanks for your interest!

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