I am being charge for a Tmobile Rep mistake


         My situation occurs during black friday on 11/25/16. Tmobile had a deal going on this black friday where if you trade in an eligible phone and if you're on an eligible plan you can get a free iphone 7 Plus. So I went in to the local tmobile store and ask if my plan was eligible and if my phone (samsung s7 edge) was also eligible. The rep that was working that day told me yes and yes. I even saw her went back to consult with her manager if I was eligible and the manager also said yes. So I decided to go ahead with the trade. I traded in two samsung s7 edges that I bought for my parents but they prefer the iphone 7 plus. I had to pay about 200 dollar in taxes.

         After a month went by. I didnt see the bill credits, so I went back to the store and ask them what is going on. They told me that there was miss communication between corporate and the local tmobile stores, and that they were going to correct it. They said they weren't sure what the eligible plan was. They told me that my phone plan did not qualified for the free phone. I had to be on an unlimited data  plan. NO ONE AT THE STORE TOLD ME THIS on black friday. All this time I thought that I was qualified after being told by the customer representative that work there. So I told them that it was their mistakes and they needed to correct it which they did until now.

         After getting 7 bills credit for the two phones all the sudden just last month it stop. I called tmobile customer service and ask why it stop they told me it because I was not on the unlimited data plan. You can imagine my frustration here. So I went back to the store to ask what going on with my bill credits. The manager at the store had the nerve to tell me that it was my fault that I didnt do further research on the deal. He denied everything. Was I wrong because I didnt know specifically  about the services and products that a company sell, that I went in to that company to ask about that products and services?! I have been a tmobile customer for almost a decade back when cingular was still around. Never has I been so frustrated with the service of a company. I have called multiple times to tmobile customer service and to no resolution. At this point, I am just really hoping that someone here can direct me to who to contact to get this resolved. I do not want to pay $1500 for someone else mistake.

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