Phone gets locked in BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) plan?

    I had an unlocked Samsung Galaxy S6 (originally from T-Mobile but fully paid off) which I was using originally in the US and later when I relocated out of US. While visiting US for a month this May, I opted for a prepaid plan - which was recommended to me by the store manager at the T-Mobile store at North Brunswick Township, NJ - 08902. I  made my requirements very clear - I needed a plan I can use for voice, text and data for the 1 month I was visiting and have no contract. I was told to go ahead with this one and that at the end of the month I would have to do "NOTHING" (as opposed to a 2 line postpaid plan which was available for the same price - which I was told I would have to call and cancel).


    Long story short, I went ahead with his suggestion. T-Mobile took my unlocked phone and "temporarily" locked it and I am now unable to use it for more than 1 month without it getting locked.


    After much to and fro, I am finally able to use it for the next month because I was able to send out a temporary unlock request. Not sure how many such unlock requests I am allowed in a year but I understand it's either 2 or 6 (based on who you believe in Customer Support)! So, I am told, just like I did this month, next month I have to preserve and insert the small SIM card (it works only with the T-Mobile SIM) and hope it works and unlocks my device but eventually I have to spend "$100 in refills since device first use date" as per the unlock device eligibility rules for a prepaid phone (which mine was NOT). The only way I see around it is to refill and waste my money (since I don't live in the US and cannot use the service!!).


    I trusted what T-Mobile says: "Bring your own phone and get nationwide LTE coverage with ZERO commitment." but that's not actually true? Please tell me Customer Support made a mistake in giving me the information.

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