T-Mobile Server Down?


    Is anyone else getting a 'Server Access' error if they try to access parts of their account?

    Im told I need to Register as Primary Account Holder if I want to change my billing method, but I get this error everytime I try-

    "Sorry, but we are currently experiencing problems with our server. Please try again later."


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      • tmo_amanda

        Re: T-Mobile Server Down?

        Hey, itsnevereasy!


        Running into errors drives me nuts sometimes and I haven't see this error before. While we weren't notified of any server errors going on earlier this week it's possible the issue has been resolved. Are you still getting this error message? If so, are you BRP (Billing Responsible Party)?

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        • orodrig23

          Re: T-Mobile Server Down?

          That is an easy fix all you must do is contact T-Mobile Customer Service and they can assign your number to be the primary line on My T-Mobile. Call 1-800-937-8997 to complete this request.

          • tmo_mike_c

            Re: T-Mobile Server Down?

            Howdy itsnevereasy!


            This message is no fun to get, but is something that can totally be corrected. Were you able to get in touch with us and get this resolved? Please come back and let us know.

            • magenta2729297

              Re: T-Mobile Server Down?

              I have had multiple people try to fix this and have even been promised that the issue has been fixed, but still no resolution. I just spoke to someone who said with 100% confidence it was fixed, but I have to log out and try again in two hours. (the first guy said an engineer had to look at it and to wait 24 hours). I'm just very frustrated that it has taken multiple attempts (not sure if this last attempt fixed the issue). I don't know how to resolve this but, after explaining multiple times I do not have issues logging in, and they understand the problem, they hang up or get off the chat. Then you have to start over. They say they have a record of the previous chat or call, but don't seem to know anything about the previous conversation because they go right back to the assumption I have a login problem. Is there a way to get to someone directly that knows what they are doing?

              • magenta3092669

                Re: T-Mobile Server Down?

                I have this exact problem.
                It has been "fixed" 4 times.
                With no resolution.
                This is pretty ridiculous.

                • tenminutemile

                  Re: T-Mobile Server Down?

                  Something definitely isn't right. I've been unable to process a one-time payment all day--mobile app or desktop. And when I click on the alerts that tell me my payment is past due it gives me that annoying oops page not found error. I have screen shots but no one to send them too\, ha.